Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paisley Party Comes To An End

Brad Paisley's "party" ended Saturday with a sold-out crowd at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN. The openers were Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentley, who have topped the charts in the last 12 months.

"Bentley is fresh off a No. 1 song with "Feel That Fire," and when he went onstage, the arena was already filled, an uncommon sight for most opening acts. Bentley spent about 45 minutes ripping through crowd-pleasing hits including his breakout single, "What Was I Thinkin', " and "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" before relinquishing the stage to Paisley. Given the caliber of his performance and his ease with the audience, it's doubtful Bentley will spend much longer in anyone's opening spot."

Read the rest of the Paisley Party review here.


  1. That last sentence says it ALL. That's what we're all praying for. A full show!! Nashville was awesome and it was great to meet you Ronna! :)

  2. How quickly the Tennessean forgets that Dierks has already headlined his own tours before. Here's hoping all of this pays off and he's back in that spot.

  3. We definitely want Dierks headlining again. I like the comment about his ease with the crowd...if ever an artist knew how to work a crowd, Dierks does!

  4. I agree, Steph! I left a comment to that point on the tennessean.com website under that article to remind them!