Sunday, March 8, 2009


Not only is Dierks Bentley one of the feature articles (Life Has Just Exploded) in the March 9th issue of Country Weekly magazine, but his Bentley-blues shine brightly behind the Table of Contents, and one of our Wisconsin DBC reps-Alicia-secured a spot in the Stars Up Close section!
Make sure to pick up your copy of the magazine and send thank you's to for all the Dierksness!

There's been no mistake, Dierks! You are truly deserving of the great blessings in your life. You work so hard and are doing so much more than you think. You open your heart and give it all away every day--to your family, friends and fans. We are all better believers because of you! We are proud to promote you every day!

DB Congress Chair


  1. I agree 100% Ronna! He gives so much more than he realizes!! Love you Dierks!

  2. So cool Alicia! This makes us all proud to be a part of the DB Congress! WTG girl!! See ya in Indy!

  3. WOW! Awesome! I definately miss my Country Weekly magazines...they don't send them anymore. Thank you so much for posting this Ronna and WHOOO HOOO Alicia...I'm proud of my Wisconsin buddy :) Hugs

  4. Thanks ya'll! I still can't believe it was in there. What a shock! I totally agree Ronna... Dierks is amazing and deserves every blessing, success and happiness in his life. He has given us all so much.

    BTW...I have a place to get CW so if anyone ever needs one, let me know. I just picked up the March 23 issue with the article about the DB Congress website last night. I'm so proud!!!