Tuesday, March 24, 2009


From the East Coast to West Coast and everywhere in between to the depths of Canada and down under in Australia too! Let's give a big warm welcome to all of our newest members!

EAR_I_am – Australia

calvin2070 – British Columbia, Canada
SweetCaroline, Cangirl, Kiwi – Ontario, Canada
Laura13 – Manitoba, Canada
Stoonlovesdierks - Saskatchewan, Canada
lovindierksb – Alberta, Canada

- Alabama
Ca Rose, harvick29, queenshawna, flutterby – California
Drummersgirl – Colorado
CTCowgirl – Connecticut
Maria J. - Deleware
skspire – Illinois
Mainah04005 – Maine
Iluvdierks2008 – Mississippi
rachel_lea, dgbrown – Missouri
BuckyBoy73 – Nevada
Jake127 – North Carolina
rad2213, Rainbow – Ohio
ryanandkristen1 – Oklahoma
jules44 – Oregon
vickilee, Jen – Pennsylvania
Pattie – South Carolina
grantnichole79, blake12jess, coop0302 – Tennessee
dao0815 – Texas
Byrdfan - Vermont
karateamanda – Virginia
ThatDuckDude, SagesMom, BubbaGirl, Hoogman, MissEllie – Washington
jewelgirl32, sweetandwild - Wisconsin

I have really enjoyed reading your messages about how some of you became a Dierks fan or any of your concert experiences! Thanks for all of your support and Welcome to the DB Congress!

-Amanda Morris
Mississippi Rep.
DBC Sec.


  1. Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for helping us make and keep Dierks #1!!! First order of business...call or email your local DJ's and request Sideways!

  2. Welcome to all the new Congress members! So glad to have you on here!! :)

  3. Welcome to the greatest group around! Look forward to hearing from you on the board and at the shows!

  4. Welcome everyone!! Love to see the DBC growing!

  5. Welcome All! So glad to have you on board supporting Dierks!