Saturday, March 21, 2009


While relaxing in my hotel room in Nashville, I picked up the copy of the American Songwriter magazine resting on the armoire and began flipping through the pages. I always look for something "dierks" but never expect to see anything. But to my surprise, 83 pages in, there he was! Lizza Connor Bowen wrote her rendition of a "Feel That Fire" review:
"Twelve songs find the singer chasing skirts...pleasing them...or running in the opposite direction..."
She gave Dierks 3 1/2 stars, which straddles between "Swell" and "Exceptional." Of course, I would have given it 5 stars--Timeless!See the rest of the review here.


  1. Primarily known now for his live show and platinum CDs, I think history will show the strength and longevity of the man who is also the songwriter: the creative half of the lyrics/music contained in those albums. Way better than exceptional, it's not only the current fans that will sing praises for this CD

  2. very cool ... a little bird told me that Dierks will be on the cover of the upcoming May-June, out in about a week i think, issue of American Songwriter Magazine!