Saturday, March 7, 2009


Thanks for all the photos you've sent in! Let me apologize for not getting them up on the "Fan Photo" page of yet. Until I can do that, here are a few pics of your fellow DB Congress reps--some new to the DBC, some have been around campaigning for Dierks for a while now:

OMG! I am so excited about your new website! It really looks awesome! I'm all teary-eyed and still have goose-bumps. It is amazing how you put everything together. Here is a pic of Dierks and I at the concert in Milwaukee, WI. Oct07.THANK YOU AGAIN! Sonya (DBC Rep, Wisconsin)
LOVE the DB Congress website! It is great! Thanks for naming me a lobbyist; I feel very flattered. I'm sending a pic w/Dierks. This sure is an exciting time for Dierks and the Congress, isn't it? Lee Ann (DBC Rep, Kentucky)
The site looks fantastic!!! I love it! Here's my photo with Dierks. Michele (DBC Rep, California)
Awesome work on the DB Congress website, it’s fantastic! Here’s a picture of me and Dierks. Kim (DBC Rep, Missouri)
I would absolutely love to represent Connecticut in the DB congress. I am a really big fan and am active on the board everyday as well as promoting DB everywhere I go! (Renee, CTCowgirl )
I'm in Kentucky, I believe my name is already on there, I looked for it:) Here is a pic of me with Dierks. Thanks! Great website! (Vanessa, vanessaannb)
Hi, just hoping you'll post this to the DBC website! My username is laceyw624 (Lacey) representing DB in Maine! Thanks!

The site looks great, you did a fantastic job! I have a picture of DB and me taken at the Mountain Stage show in WV on Feb. 1. I hope you enjoyed the video I took that he gave the Congress a shout out! (Nicholle, DBC Rep, WV)


  1. Those are some great pictures of our Congress gals!

  2. Love this website it is put together so well. Just truly FANtastic! Thanks Ronna!

  3. LOL! I'm just a scrolling down and up pops little old me...hee hee!!
    Your so sweet Ronna and it is really amazing how you put everything together...your my idol, I'd love to learn how to do this and be as talanted as you!! Love ya'