Wednesday, April 29, 2009


In a few more weeks, I am hoping to post another blog, and all I'll have to do is change the title by one digit--to #1! I am just so excited that this Dierks single has risen so, so swiftly up the country charts! Now only nine weeks in, Sideways is at #11! Thank you country radio and thank you Dierks Bentley fans and DB Congress Reps for calling and emailing your DJ's, imploring them NOT to play nothin' slow! ("DJ don't ya play nothin' slow!"). Let's keep it going until we get him to #1!

I know you all have seen the official video, but here's a little something different. One of your fellow DB Congress reps in Ohio, Jennifer, shared a line dance of herself and friends at the Dusty Armadillo (choreographed by Chris Hall).

"Dierkside" is another line dance for Sideways. NJ Line Dance Girl posted a step sheet on the 38step blogspot , but I can't find a video of this dance! Who can find it for me?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Alison Bonaguro is one of my favorite writers--she always has great things to say about Dierks! I do, however, take exception to one sentence in her CMT blog about Dierks performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.

"During his performance Tuesday (April 28), he left the stage halfway through “Sideways” to go running up and down the stairs and through the aisles, all while singing. He had the crowd dancing and singing along with him until the very end. It was very Keith Urban of him."

I think it was very "Dierks Bentley" of him! Dierks has been known to wander out into the crowd in at least 7 concerts that I have personally experienced. So his stint on Ellen was very "dierks-like," to me, very natural.

I just wish I could find a video clip of today's performance! I did DVR it but no way to share it on here! Did any of the DB Congress Cali reps get to be there in person today?

*EDIT: Thanks to Janet M., DBC Rep in CA, we have the video! Thanks for finding it on YouTube!

*EDIT #2: How could I be so remiss! Dierks wrote a Public Journal on about his "Ellen" experience! In case you missed it:

Posted: April 27, 2009
"just finished taping the ellen degeneres show...she couldnt have been nicer to me and the guys...i got a little carried away in the performance of sideways...somehow ended up out in the audience!!! ill have to wait til tomorrow when it airs to see how that turned out! her show is really fun and with everyone dancing along and with tony the dj, it just felt like the right place to finish the song from...

i also gave her one of my martin guitars, signed, for her cause to raise money for the humane society...jake made me do it!

cant believe we head out to australia tomorrow. doesnt really seem real yet. i have always wanted to go there but just had to wait for the right opportunity....i think opening up for brooks and dunn is definitely that! excited about seeing the country and meeting our fans and making some new ones....

ill check in from down under....peace

DBC MEMBERS OF THE WEEK - Lissa & Ashlan, South Carolina

Mother and daughter fans, Lissa and Ashlan, join us from the great state of South Carolina. Welcome girls!

What is your favorite DB song?
Lissa and Ashlan both chose "Sideways."

What is your favorite DB album?
Lissa chose "Greatest Hits," while Ashlan picked "Feel That Fire."

How long have you been a fan and what led you to become a fan?
Lissa says,
"I have always liked Dierks' music, but I became a big, big fan when I saw him at Whiskey River last May. I just think he is great!"
Ashlan has been a fan for nearly a year simply because her Mom got her listening to Dierks.

How do you promote? Lissa wears her braclet, has a decal on a car, uses Myspace to help promote, she constantly talks to friends about Dierks, and listens to his music all of the time. Ashlan wears her bracelet and listens to D's music as well.

Lissa will be seeing Dierks soon and I believe she seems excited about that. Here's proof!:
"I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dierks! I am SOOO excited about seeing him again in June! He is just great, his music is great, and his vidoes are awesome!"

Monday, April 27, 2009


A few of you have emailed me and asked if I knew of any Dierks fan club members who needed a ticket to Last Call Ball. It seems some fan clubbers bought two tickets; i.e., Fan Club Member/Friend A bought two, and Fan Club Member/Friend B bought two tickets, just in case Friend A couldn't get any tickets.

So, I am so glad they are doing the right thing and selling the "extra" ticket to a fan club member!

But some have asked me if I know of any true die-hard, loyal fan clubbers they could offer their ticket to--I do! In fact, I have a list started. So if you have an extra ticket, email me! I will hook you up with the next die-hard fan clubber on the list!

I know two DBC reps were able to get a ticket this way! That's what it's all about! DBC reps helping each other!



Rebecca Coons must be a Dierks Bentley fan. It's evident by the article she wrote for The Daily Iowan.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"His musical repertoire is just the kind that fills his concerts with variety, leaving the audience wondering what’s going to come next (true, I actually heard people trying to guess which songs he’d play)."

"It was evident from the minute he walked out that Bentley knows how to command a stage, a show, as well as his audience of adoring fans."

"Another thing that made this show greater is that he and his bandmates have incredible chemistry on stage."

"Getting the audience involved in screaming/“woo”-ing contests, one side versus the other, or just getting everyone to sing along, is an easy way to make everyone feel connected. Bentley is an expert in that respect."

You can't help but smile the whole while you're reading the rest of the article!


For those of you following Mom and son Bud in the MOM NOS blog, this is really cool! Here's an excerpt:

"We spent the whole afternoon on a long hike in the woods, the sun shining through the branches, the breeze blowing through our hair, and not a bug in sight. And though I wore shorts and Bud wore pants, we were both comfortable and we didn't spend another minute discussing wardrobe. Instead, we hiked and climbed, while Bud listened to Dierks Bentley on his iPod and I listened to Bud sing along. Then we played a game that Bud developed that I like to call "Every Style a Memory," in which Bud names a Dierks Bentley track and I have to guess whether Dierks originally sang it with long hair or short hair - which may sound tedious, but was actually a welcome relief given the conflict of the day before."

I think we oughta play that game at Last Call Ball! What do you think, DB Congress?


CMT Summer of Music at Country Stampede Sweepstakes

You could be a VIP in Kansas at the Country Stampede music festival. Enter for your chance to fly away for four nights to see your country music favorites and meet Dierks Bentley. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for two (2) to Kansas City, Missouri to attend the Country Stampede Music Festival currently scheduled for June 25, 2009 through June 28, 2009.

[Actually, according to our DBC Historian, and wealth-of-information DBC rep from Missouri,(Stephanie), the Country Stampede festival will be held in Manhattan, Kansas. The hitch: If you win, you'll get $250 in gas money to drive the 4-hour round trip to/from the festival!]

Enter for your chance to win at!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


In addition to his on-stage singing, Dierks Bentley has been known to connect to his fans in a very touchy way--by stage diving into the crowd! And one particular night in February 2007, he persuaded one Illinois Dierks fan-for-life to go stage-diving with him! Who could say no to those baby blue eyes and that killer dude smile? Here is Stacy's story:

"It was August 21, 2004 and my friend begged me to go to a local fair to see this up-and-coming country singer Dierks Bentley. Now I didn't want to go, but my friend said it would be a great time and that he was real cute and I would enjoy the show. So I thought, "What the heck?" and went.

Now in his earlier performing days he wasn't the great entertainer we know and love today. He basically stood in the middle of the stage playing his guitar and looking all cute in plaid--hardly any crowd interaction (which is hard to believe now).

After the show, he met all us fans and I'm not one to pass up on meeting country singers so I got in line. When it was my turn he was just so sweet and down to earth and something just clicked! He called me a "sweetie" and I knew I had found an artist to be a fan of for a lifetime.

Three years and 13 shows later, it's February 1, 2007, and I find myself at Joe's Bar in Chicago. This was the High Times and Hangovers 3 Tour with Cross Canadian Ragweed. This show sold out in four minutes so we knew we had to get there early to get our front row spot! We had to resort to joining Ragweed's fan club just so we could get tickets! We got in line at 10:30 am and there were only two people ahead of us! We were stoked!

My birthday was the week before so I made a sign that said "It's my". I held it up a couple of times but got no reaction from him. No biggie to me. So he's singing 'Come A Little Closer' and he gets to the music break in it and before I knew it he was coming towards me and grabbing my hand and pulling me up on stage! I was flipping out inside!

He tells everyone about my sign and then we slow dance a little. Then he starts pushing me towards the crowd.

"What are you doing?!"
Dierks just smiles and says, "Let's stage dive!"

I told him no and that the crowd wouldn't catch me and he assures me they will but I still say no.

If I do it, will you do it?"
Without even thinking I just blurted out "OK."

Then he does a running start into the crowd and lands right into a mass of waiting hands to catch him. He gets back on the stage then comes back to me.

"Your turn!"
I then had changed my mind and told him 'No' again.

"You promised!"
So I just give up: "Alright."

So we walk over to the crowd and he pushes me back into the crowd and they do catch me! It was the weirdest feeling with all these hands on your back, but it was by far the 'kewlest' thing I have ever done!

I get back onstage with D and he gives me a kiss on the cheek and says "Nice job!"

A year later I was at a meet and greet with him in Moline, IL. When it came to my turn to meet him he goes "We stage-dived together didn't we?" And I told him yeah and he goes "'Stage Dive' Stacy!" And the name has stuck ever since!

Just last night at my 23rd show in Iowa City, IA he sees me as he's passing us to get on his bus and he goes "Hi 'Stage Dive'!" I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking that my favorite singer knows me by name. He makes me feel so special and that's why I will be a fan for life!"

Stacy says she has the video from this night to remember, but is holding it close to her heart!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Country Music Is Love, one of my favorite websites, and run by our fellow DB Ccongress reps Lauren and Erin, posted a few blogs about the Nashville4Africa event April 22 at the Schermerhorn Symphany Center. Various artists (including Dierks!) joined forces for the inaugural benefit concert. Hosted by Kenny Alphin (Big Kenny of Big & Rich), the concert raised money for charities in Uganda, Sudan and other areas of Africa in need. A portion of the proceeds will go toward building a new school for the African Children's Choir, who also performed that evening.

The image above and more photos from the event are from Brad Schmitt's Flickr page.

Here is a video from YouTube, taken from backstage, of Dierks singing Beautiful World with the Africa Children's Choir and Free and Easy:

Additionally, Dierks recorded a yet to be named song in the Ocean Way Studio with the children, according to

"I think it was the first time they'd ever been in a studio like Ocean Way," Dierks told The Boot. "We did a song that I've been holding onto for awhile, waiting for the right time to record it. I'm not really working on my next album yet but I'm thinking about it, and I had to get these kids in the studio while they were here."


On March 21, I posted a blog about an American Songwriter magazine review of Feel That Fire. "Anonymous" commented that a little bird told them Dierks Bentley was going to be on the May-June Cover, and ended with the website address.

So I go check it out, and search on Dierks. No cover yet, but I did find an article from 2005 about his Modern Day Drifter album. I always look for interesting stories or quotes from D that I have never read before, and I thought this was a really cool story to share with you all. Enjoy!

“I remember the first time I had the nerve to play one of my songs for someone. I was working answering phones for a Nashville publishing company, and some of the songwriters invited me upstairs to have a drink. They were going to play some songs, and maybe I could play one I’d written too. So we all sat in a circle, and the guitar came around to me, and I played a song that had gotten a good response from my family and my friends. I thought it was pretty good. When I got done, one writer said ‘Man, I never really got the hook on that song.” Then another said, “It took you forever to get to the chorus.’ It was semi-devastating. In the end, one of the guys pulled me aside and told me to call him after I’d written 500 songs. I thought he was just being an a******, but he was just trying to help me. I learned that you’ve got to write them and throw them away. Don’t take them too personally and be ready to let go of them. Let them be beaten up, and just let them go where they need to go. That was a good lesson.”

Now I am really curious as to the name of the song he played for them! Did it get thrown away or did it get re-worked and become a cut on an album?

To read the entire article, click DIERKS BENTLEY: Modern Day Work Ethic

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear AAA Auto Club South Going Places magazine:

OK, I expect to see Dierks in my Country Weekly magazine, but never in a million years did I expect to see him in my AAA Going Places magazine! Imagine my surprise and confusion when I turned to page 19 and saw a photo of Dierks Bentley! I quickly flipped back to the cover. Yep. AAA--not Country Weekly. Consider yourself hugged madam editor. THANK YOU!

So, what's the story? The "Granddaddy of Country Music Events" article announces Dierks as one of the all-star lineup acts featured at this year's CMA Music Festival, and offers a AAA Escapes package for the festival. Wow! You mean they're not sold out? Huh!

Go online to AAA Escapes. Tell them Ronna sent you! I am well-known for my undying support of DB--I have worked for AAA for 19 years! In fact, everyone at work today thought I had something to do with Dierks' photo vs. Reba or Brooks & Dunn, but I didn't know a thing! I love my job!


Have you checked out the DB Congress Campaign page lately! Links galore await for you to vote for Dierks! Here are just a few to get you started! My fellow congress men and women, I implore you to do your congressional duty and vote FOR our president, our dude, our Dierks!

*LIMITED TIME VOTING-thru May 11: GAC Top 20 Songs of Summer - Vote for Dierks - "What Was I Thinkin'."

*LIMITED TIME VOTING-thru May 19: 2009 CMT Music Awards - Vote for Dierks - "Country Boy"

*LIMITED TIME VOTING-*Who has the best hair? VOTE for Dierks at!

*CALL/EMAIL your local radio station-request "SIDEWAYS!"

*Email Country Weekly - THANK THEM for the first ever SOLO
DB cover on the April 13, 2009 issue!

Be sure to stop by the Representatives page and find your name! If you're not there, email, so we can add you!


Here's an oldie but goodie! Thanks to Stephanie in CA for finding it on and posting on From Capitol Records, 2004--retro Dierks and Jake. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Meet Alacia, or you might know her as DierksisHOT7 within the community.
She is a new representative from Utah!

Alacia's favorite DB song is Long Trip Alone.

When asked what DB album is her favorite Alacia said,
"Its a tie between Long Trip Alone and Feel That Fire."

She has been a DB fan since hearing "What Was I Thinkin'" when Dierks was new to Country music. Alacia thought he was so cute and so she bought the cd.

"His songs are so great and I noticed he wrote a majority of them and I just became a huge fan. Then, I saw him live and that sold me on him and I have been a huge fan ever since."

This is what Alacia does to promote DB:
"I wear his shirts all the time, I tell everyone I know about him, put his music on Myspace, and buy all his cd's. I also tell everyone I know to watch TV when he is on.Ha ha."

Alacia said that she is a huge fan and supports Dierks anyway she can.

"I love country music and I love Dierks' music."

Alacia, Welcome to The DB Congress!

-Amanda Morris(DBC Secretary, Mississippi Rep.)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Calling all DB Congress representatives! A special congressional session is in progress! Our president, Dierks Bentley, is nominated for a 2009 CMT Music Award: CMT Performance of the Year, for "Country Boy." Artists: Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley.

YOUR VOTE is needed--but hurry! Voting for the first round ends May 19. You can vote only once (with each email address), so make it count! Ask all your family, friends, and co-workers to vote for Dierks!

In case you missed "CMT Giants: Alan Jackson," you can see it here:

Log in and choose four of your favorite videos per category. Your picks will determine which videos make it to the final round of voting on May 19.

Mark your calendars for the only fan-voted awards show in country music. This year, the CMT Music Awards promise to be better than ever with more music and more stars when the 2009 CMT Music Awards air Live + Loud on June 17.

Hmmmm...seems like I've seen "Live + Loud" before....uh, yeah...that's the name of Dierks' live concert DVD "Live & Loud At The Filmore!" I hope that's a good sign that maybe Dierks will be performing on the June 17 CMT Music Awards show! Be sure to tune in to see our president!

Vote, Vote, Vote!


The 'Sideways' video has been released to CMT and GAC as well as previously released on iTunes. Get ready to vote another video to #1 on all the countdown charts!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vegas, Peppermill Bentley Style

According to an April 6 Luxe-Life blog , "Dierks Bentley partied into the early hours at Tabu ultra lounge in the MGM Grand."

That must've been after the ACM Awards, held in Las Vegas Sunday, April 5.

Rewind 48 hours to the concert and Meet & Greet, where a few Utah fans were fortunate to meet Dierks on Friday night at the Peppermill Concert Hall, inside the Montego Bay Resort.

Like Lynette, a Salt Lake City, newly-joined DB Congress rep and fan club member. Of her very first DB Meet & Greet ever, she says, "The Meet and Greet with Dierks was amazing! He is so down to earth and sweet! He talked about going on tour with Brooks and Dunn and Brad Paisley. I wish he would have talked more about Keith Urban 'cause I'm a huge fan. It was an awesome show, and I feel so grateful to have met him!
I was so scared and anxious but I looked at his face and instantly calmed down. He is so cute--much smaller than I expected--but soooooooooooooooo cute!
He did a great job, Can't wait until he comes to Utah in September."
Then there's Karen, also from Utah, who came dressed for the part; 'and I can see you came to rock in your blue jeans and white tank top...' as Dierks sings in Sideways.

"I was lucky enough to get a meet and greet through the fan club. It was awesome. I have been to lots of meet and greets and Dierks was the first one to stand around and chat with his fan club members for a while. He also spent quite a bit of time talking with each one of us while we had our picture taken and got an autograph. He was actually nice enough to sign more than one thing if people asked him to. I already knew he was a nice guy because he seems to love animals and adopted Jake from the shelter.
He was so sweet to tell me I “looked beautiful” in my white tank top and blue jeans. It was the best M & G I have ever been to. Dierks rocks!

At the concert, I had 6th row seats and of course I stood up the whole time having a great time. He motioned me up to the stage and took my hand and twirled me around. Dierks certainly knows how to make an old gal’s night! Unfortunately, it was so unexpected that my husband didn’t get the moment on video." If anyone has this on video, please let us know!


Three people write about Dierks in the blogs below. One was impressed with his sincerity during a fan club Meet & Greet, another says that his angel's vocal makes him an irresistable country music idol, and the third (an aspiring songwriter who knew nothing about country music) listens to Dierks Bentley for inspiration--"My first few hours were spent listening to Dierks Bentley and such, trying to wrap my mind about country songwriting..." I can't think of any better country music songwriter to learn from! He's the best!

1) "I had a chance to talk with Dierks before the show and watch him interact with members of his fan club at a meet and greet session. It was impressive to see how focused he was at making each fan feel at ease, posing for photos, signing autographs and chatting sincerely with them. He’s a genuinely good guy and that comes across in his performance. When I attend concerts as a reviewer, I receive free tickets from the promoter but Dierks is one artist that I would spend my own hard-earned cash to see as a fan."
~Jeff Dekker, 02-19-2009, Musings at the Ploughboy Mansion

2) "Dierks Bentley the charming and cute country music singer. He has throbbed the heart of a million girls in the United States alone, turning them into fans that has created a huge Dierks Bentley fans community for him. But that’s not what he good at, it is his pure musical talents that has brought him this far. Dierks is going performance live during his concert soon, be sure not to miss it.

Dierks Bentley’s crackle was first heard in 20th of November year 1975 located in John C.Lincoln Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona. Bentley is an all American country music singer. After playing his guitar and singing at various local venues for years, someone finally recognize Bentley’s talents of musics and by year 2003 Capitol Records signed him up.

Dierks Bentley is a damn good guitarist and has an angel’s vocal making him an irresistible country music idol. His up coming concert tickets will be selling out soon, so grab yours here today before its too late."
~David Snyder, April 1, 2009 Witty Writer

3) “I was on the OneVoice tour in Oklahoma when my good friend, Aaron Lahey, a Millikin alum and former member of my band who recently moved to Los Angeles, called me late Friday night saying he needed me to write him a song for this movie he was working on for his internship,” Emily Henderson, junior vocal music major, said. “He basically told me I had until Sunday or Monday to finish this song and that he needed it to sound sort of dark, pop-country, include the word ‘cursed’ a lot, be somewhat plot-specific (without giving away too much) and to not be gender specific.”

The request was extremely specific, a difficult task for the musician who normally writes songs about her own experiences. The song was to be used in a movie entitled “The Cursed.” More difficult yet, the call came to her on Friday night, leaving her only two or three days to write the song. “The song really came together in less than a week,” Bryan Tewell, junior commercial music major and song co-producer, said.

Tewell recorded as many versions of the vocals and instruments as possible, leaving co-producer Lahey with as many options as possible in putting the song together.

Henderson, unfamiliar with writing country music, researched the genre during the bus-ride from Oklahoma.

“My first few hours were spent listening to Dierks Bentley and such, trying to wrap my mind about country songwriting,” Henderson said. She enlisted the help of her friend, Christopher Jones, an avid country music fan and musician.

“I initially got involved on this project because Emily sought my help because she was looking for a country ‘feel’ and I am a huge country fan,” Christopher Jones, senior commercial music major, said. “I feel like I just road alongside Emily during this process, more as a reference than an attribute. She really took on most of the project and made it happen.”

The movie is expected to be aired on the SciFi channel, produced by the major film company Dreamworks.

“Between the scratch recording and the real one, the film was picked up by Dreamworks, so needless to say I felt a lot more pressure than I was already feeling,” Henderson said. “‘Cursed’ is about a person who is leaving town to try and get away from things negatively affecting his or her life.”
~Ryan Murphy, April 1, 2009, The DEC Online

Thursday, April 16, 2009


In every issue, OK! magazine features a "Man Candy" page--and in the April 20, 2009 issue our very own DB Congress president satisfied their sweet tooth page! Check out the five reasons they love Dierks Bentley! Although, I think it was an 8th grade crush on Cassidy, am I right?Gotta love those blue eyes and blue shirt!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



The Dierks Bentley annual fan club party (Last Call Ball 5) will be held June 10, 2009 in Nashville, TN at the Mercy Lounge Cannery Ballroom from 5-9 pm. LCB5 indicates the 5th year for the party, although Dierks jokingly referred to it as LCB4 1/2 during his recent Town Hall Meeting, since last year's party was "on the road" in ten different cities.

Tickets will go on sale Friday morning, April 17 at 9 am central (10 am eastern; 7 am pacific), to DB Congress Fan Club members. New this year, each member will be allowed to purchase two (2) tickets to the party. Tickets will be $40 each.

Tickets can be purchased on

On the day of the party, Wednesday, June 10, a pre-check-in will begin at 4pm and doors will open by 4:45pm. The party will include a Meet & Greet with Dierks (1 photo & 1 autograph per person), a performance from Dierks, contests, food and beverages. More info will be emailed to ticket purchasers as the party approaches.

The CMA Music Fest will follow beginning Thursday, June 11.

I hope to get a ticket to LCB5 and see all my DBC buddies there!

Not a DB Congress member? JOIN NOW to have access to tickets to Dierks' Last Call Ball 5 and order an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Dierks' new album, Feel That Fire!


Dierks Bentley's new Sideways video is now available for only $1.99 at iTunes. Although the norm is to have video previews available for his fan club first, currently, only a 30-second preview is showing for members on Dierks explains his rationale for the change in a personal response to his fan club journal commenters:
"cool...thanks for the comments!, i wish the video was making its debut for free here on but there was a cool opportunity for us to do something exclusive with itunes...we get a ton of exposure at the itunes soon as the week long itunes exclusive period ends, we will have it up on the site. i know times are tough...usually we would make the video available here ( for fan clubbers) first for free, but this was a great chance to team up with itunes and bring some more attention to the video. thanks....d"

I think Dierks always trys to find ways to go above and beyond for the fan club members (recently renaming us DB Congress is one example), and this one time the video does not debut "first" for us won't kill us. Plus, anything that gives him more exposure is a really good thing!

So for those of you who paid the $1.99 for the video, what do you think? Please comment below.



Which statement is true?

A) Dierks dresses up to perform at the Artist Den PBS taping.
B) Dierks raises his T-shirt prices at concert merchandise tables to $102.
C) Dierks was asked to be on Dancing With the Stars.

Find out here. Listen to the audio interviews with Dierks and Chicago's Country Radio US99.5 DJ's and Chuck Wicks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable holiday weekend.

*WARNING!* Don't trust every bunny you meet. Not all of them have candy!

nice easter graphic Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thanks to Colorado DB Congress Rep and Lobbyist, Janet (honeflake), we have a link to the audio of the Town Hall Meeting from April 1, 2009! If you missed it, or just want to hear it again and again and again and again and the link. Hear Dierks talking to us here!


Personally, I could blog about Dierks Bentley 24/7, but I ran across three random blogs related to Dierks and thought I would share them with you:

Katie from Texas...Find out the unique way she met Dierks here.

MOM-NOS...A blog from a mom raising a son with autism. She and Bud are such big DB fans that there are 21 blogs indexed on Dierks' name alone! Read the latest and find out who "used to be" Bud's favorite singer .

Heidi has a blog called, "Can't Live It Down," where she blogged about her trip to Vegas. Find out what she did NOT enjoy about Dierks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Welcome to those who have taken a seat in Congress! It's great to have you with us!

Listed below are the reps who took their seat between March 29 - April 4:
smithkl1_1232303423 - Alabama
countryfan267 - Indiana
Bentleybug - Iowa
Nic3496 - Michigan
jensting - New Jersey
DierksFan07 - Ohio
AmyKay812 - Virginia
Darlocky - Australia

Total of DBC Rep's: 461!!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary, Mississippi Rep.)


Meet one of our new members, Valerie from Ohio! You may already know her on the message boards at as DierksFan07.

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley song?
"I can't choose just one!"
Valerie's Top DB Songs (in no particular order):
1. Prodigal Son's Prayer
2. Wish It Would Break
3. Sweet and Wild
4. What Was I Thinkin'

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley album?
"Feel That Fire."

How long have you been a fan of Dierks Bentley? What led you to be a fan?
"I have been a fan of Dierks since "What Was I Thinkin'". I saw the video on GAC and of course I thought he was cute. So, I decided
to check him out on the web. I loved his voice and the stories about how he treated his fans and everyone that he meets. He is just a sweet and down to earth guy!"

How do you promote Dierks Bentley?
"I wear my bracelet all the time and I email my radio station with requests. I wear my DB shirts a lot. If people ask me about him
I tell them how awesome he is and that they should try to go see him in concert because he gets better every time you see him live!"

Thanks Valerie!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary, Mississippi Rep.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The George Strait Artist of the Decade special (held live in Vegas Monday night) will air at 8 p.m. on May 27 on CBS and will feature footage of live performances by Brooks and Dunn, Jamie Foxx, Jack Ingram, Alan Jackson, Dierks Bentley, Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, John Rich, LeAnn Rimes, Blake Shelton, Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Sugarland, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

“It's kind of ironic to be standing up here getting ready to present this award to the man who’s fully responsible for where I’m at today,” Garth Brooks said. “It is an honor to pass the torch to the man who I believe has carried the torch for country music for the last 30 years,” he said.

After Garth Brooks’ unannounced appearance, it was Strait’s turn. As anyone who has watched tributes knows, they can take on an almost “I’m watching my own funeral” feel for the recipient, and as performer after performer talked about growing up on Strait or—to really dig in the dagger- Bentley talked about how his dad loved Strait, the 56-year-old honoree must have felt he was as old as the hills.

“As a songwriter, the ultimate goal is to get George Strait to cut one of your songs,” another performer, Dierks Bentley, said. “I’m not afraid to say I’ve stalked and ambushed him a number of times … I think the last time was in an elevator in Nashville,” he joked before slipping Strait’s wife, Norma, one of his CDs.


Dierks Bentley gave George Strait a CD

Dierks sang George's, “Blue Clear Sky,” during the tribute.


Finally! Dierks is THE cover of Country Weekly magazine, and the red, white and blue color theme won the vote! The April 13, 2009 issue will go down in history as the first ever solo cover for our Dude, Dierks Bentley!

Well over a year ago, DB fan clubbers and DB Congress reps began a rigorous campaign to convince Country Weekly execs that they would sell a record number of copies of their magazine with Dierks' gorgeous face on the front.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "we" didn't make this happen--Dierks' peeps in his camp did all the negotiating, but I like to think we had a little to do with it. After all, CW did have a little fun with us for several issues stating how many letters they received that week requesting DB on the cover.

So now we have to put our money where our mouth is. Time to get out there and buy up those copies as a huge thank you to the CW team. And, make sure you send your personal appreciation via email to:

Now that subscription service has ceased, you can find out where to buy your copy here.

Here's the web summary of the 7-page article: Dierks Bentley: 3 Days That Changed My Life. In this Country Weekly exclusive, Dierks Bentley relaxes at his Nashville home and reflects on the three days that changed his life. His most recent life-changing event came last Oct. 4, when his daughter Evie was born. “You just can’t help but be happy every day,” he says about fatherhood. Dierks also talks about his long love affair with his wife Cassidy, who he’s known since their high school days, and his early, dues-paying days in Nashville. Plus, catch some photos of Dierks and his sweet baby girl!

Additionally, CW posted a web exclusive dialogue--an extension of the print article. Dierks Bentley kicks back in his Nashville home and digs down deep to share memories of pivotal moments.

My favorite part:
"[Dierks sings “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” to Evie] No response, huh? [Dierks chuckles]
Cassidy: She’s listening.
DB: Listening’s not enough for my audience . . . I want her on her feet!
[Dierks sings “This Beautiful World” from the new album . . . Evie spits up] That counts . . . spit up’s good! Throw up or spit up . . . either one’s fine. It’s a response.

Monday, April 6, 2009


You remember Austin, right? Back in his college days he started a DB Country Music Club at UNR. Here's his rendition of the Wendover concert, held inside the Montego Bay Resort at the Peppermill Concert Hall on Friday, April 3, 2009:

"Oh my gosh, the concert was great!! My friends Jenny & Paul (the other founder of the Country Music Club at Nevada), unfortunately are not in the fan club so they weren’t able to be backstage with me, but none the less we had a great time. The venue was fairly small so there was not a bad seat in the house. Dierks definitely rocked that place! During the M&G we were able to talk with him for about 10 minutes on how the tour was going and how he was presenting at the ACM’s on Sunday evening. He let us know that his family was doing great so it was good to hear about that. What was funny about the M&G was that right before I shook his hand and took my picture with him I noticed that I was the only male in the entire room. He made the joke that being the only male in the M&G was a great way to meet women, so that gave us all a great laugh." (Austin all grown up!)

"Overall it was a great concert and Dierks by far puts on one of the best shows that I have ever seen. I am not sure how he does it, but the show gets better and better every time I see him. There were plenty of white tank-tops in the crowd so I can imagine that Dierks was pretty pleased with the turnout. Definitely one of the best parts of the show was his rendition of Waylon Jennings “Luckenbach, Texas”. That is one of my favorite classic songs and Dierks played it really well. Finally, it was great to meet all the other fan club members and I hope to see them all again in the future at another Dierks show."
~Austin, DBC Rep, Nevada

There's a new girl seated in the Utah DB Congress...her name is Alacia! She shares her special experience below:

"So, this concert was vey special for me and my friend Chantyl. We finally got a meet and greet after years of trying. So you can imagine how excited we were standing in line to go backstage. Well they let the radio go first because all the fan club members were late, so that added to the suspense. When we finally got back there I was speechless! Dierks is even better looking in person, and so, so nice. He surpassed all of my expectations! My friend stepped on his new boots by accident and all Dierks said was, 'That's ok, these are new...I need to break them in anyway...ha, ha.' That just shows how nice of a guy he is. I love how personable his meet and greets are.
After the meet and greet it was time for the show. He gave so much attention to the fan club members it was great. He sang all of the greats and his new stuff. I love Sideways live! We also got his set list and the cup he drank out of! It was the best concert ever.

After that we drove to Vegas for the ACMs. We saw Dierks there on the orange carpet and he looked so cute and Cassidy was beautiful."
~Alacia, new DBC rep, Utah

Thanks Austin and Alacia for sharing your photos and stories!


Although we all know he totally deserved to be nominated for an ACM award but wasn't, Dierks Bentley was picked to present the Top Female Vocalist Award (to Carrie Underwood--Miranda got robbed IMHO!) at last night's ACM Awards. I thought he was looking dapper, and I was lovin' the soft curls. Let's see what the buzz was on Mr. Bentley.

First, there was a rehearsal observation from Whitney Pastorek via "3:23 p.m. Reba is on stage in front of me. She looks great. When does she ever not? Even in jeans and a sweater, she is a classier broad than I am. If doing this show's gotten old for her, I can't tell, and her run-thru of "Strange" is right on point, three straight times. After she finishes the song, a female announcer's voice says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Dierks Bentley and Darius Rucker." A tall man in glasses and a short auburn-haired woman emerge. They are neither Dierks nor Darius, I'm pretty sure."

During the live show--no Darius.

Nora Ashkar posted on her favorite fashion of country men on the ACM Awards: "As for country's men, Jake Owen looked sharp in a white pinstripe suit and a shaggy do, and Dierks Bentley did us a favor sporting fitted jeans and a jacket while letting his curly hair lay loose."

Well, as Dierks always says, 'you can't believe the good without the bad,' so here's Saul Relative's (that's his name?, really?) take on Mr. Bentley's attire: "Still, the worst dressed had to go to Dierks Bentley, who presented. He looked as if he was wearing his little brother's suit jacket. It was buttoned, which made it look even worse. Then there was that pale yellow-ish tie. You could write a country song about the way that poor boy was dressed and have a hit on your hands. It was tragic."

Now Saul, that was kind of harsh, don't ya think? I thought the ensemble was ten times better than last year's mustard suit.

And, to end the fashion foo foo on a positive note, here's a quote from our very own DB Congress Historian, Stephanie: "Seriously, how freaking adorable is he?! The curls are looking good, a little scruff...I approve! Dude, you've been missed at the awards shows."

I refuse to write about any of the award nominees or recipients since our "Dude" and president was unrecognized--with not so much as a nod. In the words of Jerry-the-OCD-lawyer from Boston Legal..."hhmmppff!"

~Ronna (DB Congress Chair)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I love listening to Rod Janzen, live in concert as Dierks' lead guitarist. Man, he can make that electric guitar sing! I love all the guys in the TLB (Terminally Loneseome Band)! Robbie Harrington can handle that bass without even blinking--and who knew he could actually sing! And who doesn't love the banjo/steel guitar playing Tim Sergent and bang-on-the-drum-all-day, Steve Misamore? These guys gel so well together, and the result is an amazing sound--live and in person!

But did you know most of Dierks' records are usually recorded with just as talented studio musicians? J.T. Corenflos can boast lead guitar liner note credit on every Dierks Bentley studio album song except the bluegrass cuts and Better Believer on Feel That Fire. The Terre Haute, Indiana native has been recognized six times for his guitar prowess by the Academy of Country Music and this year ws no exception.

So, with all those ACM nominations, do you think J.T. was named the 2009 Academy of Country Music Top Guitarist of the Year? Find out here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards is honoring George Strait as the "Artist of the Decade." The ACM Awards will be telecast live on Sunday, April 5, 2009 (8 pm Eastern), and Dierks will be presenting an award (which one is yet to be named).

The next day (April 6), a special concert will be filmed with a live audience from the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The show will air on CBS on May 27.

Dierks (whom George Strait secured as his supporting artist during his 2004 and 2005 tours) will perform during the show and will be joined by an amazing lineup of country music superstars, including scheduled performances by Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, LeAnn Rimes, Blake Shelton, Lee Ann Womack, John Rich, Jack Ingram, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Sugarland, Taylor Swift and more-paying tribute to "The King of Country" George Strait and his legendary 25-year career.

If you live close enough to drive, or you can hop on a plane last minute, tickets are still available to the public for the April 6 event for $200, $150 and $100 through for the all star country concert television taping. Proceeds of all sales benefit the Academy of Country Music Charitable Fund (ACMCF).

Strait is the fifth to receive the artist of the decade honor, after Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn, Alabama and Garth Brooks.

Sarah Buxton Dishes on Dierks Bentley posted a video of Dierks' Sweet and Wild duet partner Sarah Buxton, where she doles out her druthers on country music men! From Keith Urban (he sang "Stupid Boy" penned by Buxton), to Dierks, to Joequin Phoenix, Sarah shares some sweet sentiments.
"The hottest guy in country music....totally adorable, really hard-working, and he loves his wife...I think that's really hot."
Watch the video to see what she says about our DB Congress president!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thanks to Fiona, here are a few highlights from last night's online Town Hall Meeting :

* The Sideways video will be up on iTunes on April 14th.
* Last Call Ball will be on June 10th
* Dierks is reading Twilight (this shocked me)
* Dierks says he is enjoying being a dad and Evie is about to turn 6 months old
* Dierks hasn't played any pranks of Brad Paisley but he says he is looking for a weak link in Brad's organization to help him out
* Cassidy loves the songs "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" and "Beautiful World"
* Dierks decided to change the name of the fan club to "DB Congress" and gave shout-outs to Ronna, David (and his flag!), Mona, and Tara for her bracelets.
* Dierks is excited to go to Australia and wants to meet Stacey while he is there!
* Dierks is not a fan of Twitter

If you have something to add, post it!


db Street Team Coordinator

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I mentioned in the last blog I wrote that it’s always interesting to hear stories about other DB fans like when they first became a fan, how they promote, or their favorite songs. Maria J. is one of the newest members to join the Congress from Delaware. We haven't had a rep for Delaware, until now, and I'm so happy that Maria has helped fill that void. Let’s learn a little more about our new friend and Delaware rep, Maria!

I already knew that it would be hard to choose just one favorite DB song and album, or it is for me. Haha. Here's what Maria said about her favorite song:
That's a toughie, I love them all and it depends on what I feel like at any given moment.
Maria's Top 5 Favorite Songs:
1) Every Mile a Memory
2) Free and Easy
3) Prodigal Son
4) Sideways
5) Better Believer

She said that her favorite album was Long Trip Alone, but now she really loves Feel That Fire since it has been released. Maria became a fan when the Modern Day Drifter album came out and she heard "Lot of Leavin' Left To Do." This was about the same time when she started listening to Country radio.

According to Maria, the best way of promoting and advertising is by her big Italian mouth! Maria is a graphic artist. She would love to do artistic promotions, but she can't use the programs at work for personal use, and doesn't have those programs available at home.

I really don't think I could tell Maria's story better myself, so here is what she had to say about Dierks and his music:
For the love of the country sound, I took to Dierks and his Band of Brothers right away. I went to a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia and "this guy", whose songs I heard was an opening band. Lo and behold, I ran into the arena to see that it was Dierks Bentley. At the time my husband and I were listening to Sugarland and hanging out at the arena's pub.

After I bought my first DB cd, Modern Day Drifter, and saw him I got a big fat crush. Then I bought his first cd and Long Trip Alone. The more I listened to his music and read on his web site; the more I learned that he was a "be real" person and one who is driven by spirituality and giving. He is one that looks for the positive in people and things and likes to enjoy what he can in life. That sharing all of it with the people in his life such as fans, family, band, bus drivers, friends... actually means a lot.

I get a great message from this. I have a lot of fun listening to him and his band. A few years ago my best friend died and listening to "Long Trip Alone" became the most meaningful song to me. I never tire of listening to DB & the Band of Brothers. It's my feel good music.

Thanks Maria for sharing your story!

-Amanda Morris
DBC Secretary & Mississippi Rep.