Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I mentioned in the last blog I wrote that it’s always interesting to hear stories about other DB fans like when they first became a fan, how they promote, or their favorite songs. Maria J. is one of the newest members to join the Congress from Delaware. We haven't had a rep for Delaware, until now, and I'm so happy that Maria has helped fill that void. Let’s learn a little more about our new friend and Delaware rep, Maria!

I already knew that it would be hard to choose just one favorite DB song and album, or it is for me. Haha. Here's what Maria said about her favorite song:
That's a toughie, I love them all and it depends on what I feel like at any given moment.
Maria's Top 5 Favorite Songs:
1) Every Mile a Memory
2) Free and Easy
3) Prodigal Son
4) Sideways
5) Better Believer

She said that her favorite album was Long Trip Alone, but now she really loves Feel That Fire since it has been released. Maria became a fan when the Modern Day Drifter album came out and she heard "Lot of Leavin' Left To Do." This was about the same time when she started listening to Country radio.

According to Maria, the best way of promoting and advertising is by her big Italian mouth! Maria is a graphic artist. She would love to do artistic promotions, but she can't use the programs at work for personal use, and doesn't have those programs available at home.

I really don't think I could tell Maria's story better myself, so here is what she had to say about Dierks and his music:
For the love of the country sound, I took to Dierks and his Band of Brothers right away. I went to a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia and "this guy", whose songs I heard was an opening band. Lo and behold, I ran into the arena to see that it was Dierks Bentley. At the time my husband and I were listening to Sugarland and hanging out at the arena's pub.

After I bought my first DB cd, Modern Day Drifter, and saw him I got a big fat crush. Then I bought his first cd and Long Trip Alone. The more I listened to his music and read on his web site; the more I learned that he was a "be real" person and one who is driven by spirituality and giving. He is one that looks for the positive in people and things and likes to enjoy what he can in life. That sharing all of it with the people in his life such as fans, family, band, bus drivers, friends... actually means a lot.

I get a great message from this. I have a lot of fun listening to him and his band. A few years ago my best friend died and listening to "Long Trip Alone" became the most meaningful song to me. I never tire of listening to DB & the Band of Brothers. It's my feel good music.

Thanks Maria for sharing your story!

-Amanda Morris
DBC Secretary & Mississippi Rep.


  1. Welcome, Maria! Send us a photo to go with this blog!

  2. Great story Maria. The ways you've described what the music of Dierks Bentley does for you is the same way it touches me. I see him as the person you have described as well! Welcome to the DB Congress - we're so glad to have you here!!

  3. Awesome!!

    My favorite song is Free and Easy Down the Road I Go!!!!