Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Alison Bonaguro is one of my favorite writers--she always has great things to say about Dierks! I do, however, take exception to one sentence in her CMT blog about Dierks performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show today.

"During his performance Tuesday (April 28), he left the stage halfway through “Sideways” to go running up and down the stairs and through the aisles, all while singing. He had the crowd dancing and singing along with him until the very end. It was very Keith Urban of him."

I think it was very "Dierks Bentley" of him! Dierks has been known to wander out into the crowd in at least 7 concerts that I have personally experienced. So his stint on Ellen was very "dierks-like," to me, very natural.

I just wish I could find a video clip of today's performance! I did DVR it but no way to share it on here! Did any of the DB Congress Cali reps get to be there in person today?

*EDIT: Thanks to Janet M., DBC Rep in CA, we have the video! Thanks for finding it on YouTube!

*EDIT #2: How could I be so remiss! Dierks wrote a Public Journal on dierks.com about his "Ellen" experience! In case you missed it:

Posted: April 27, 2009
"just finished taping the ellen degeneres show...she couldnt have been nicer to me and the guys...i got a little carried away in the performance of sideways...somehow ended up out in the audience!!! ill have to wait til tomorrow when it airs to see how that turned out! her show is really fun and with everyone dancing along and with tony the dj, it just felt like the right place to finish the song from...

i also gave her one of my martin guitars, signed, for her cause to raise money for the humane society...jake made me do it!

cant believe we head out to australia tomorrow. doesnt really seem real yet. i have always wanted to go there but just had to wait for the right opportunity....i think opening up for brooks and dunn is definitely that! excited about seeing the country and meeting our fans and making some new ones....

ill check in from down under....peace

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  1. I found it a bit weird watching the performance with that kind of daytime audience crowd, but Dierks made the best of it I guess. What I really want to know is, what did Dierks whisper in the blondes hair at the end? :)

    I've emailed this video to everybody on the DB Audio/Video mailing list today for those who like to collect such things. :)

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