Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dierks Bentley's new Sideways video is now available for only $1.99 at iTunes. Although the norm is to have video previews available for his fan club first, currently, only a 30-second preview is showing for members on dierks.com. Dierks explains his rationale for the change in a personal response to his fan club journal commenters:
"cool...thanks for the comments!...fyi, i wish the video was making its debut for free here on dierks.com but there was a cool opportunity for us to do something exclusive with itunes...we get a ton of exposure at the itunes homepage...as soon as the week long itunes exclusive period ends, we will have it up on the site. i know times are tough...usually we would make the video available here (dierks.com for fan clubbers) first for free, but this was a great chance to team up with itunes and bring some more attention to the video. thanks....d"

I think Dierks always trys to find ways to go above and beyond for the fan club members (recently renaming us DB Congress is one example), and this one time the video does not debut "first" for us won't kill us. Plus, anything that gives him more exposure is a really good thing!

So for those of you who paid the $1.99 for the video, what do you think? Please comment below.


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  1. Stage Dive StacyThu Apr 16, 10:18:00 PM

    I was one of the many fans I'm sure that bought the video from iTunes and it's a great video!! Very fun and high energy as the song portrays! Another classic Dierks video! :)