Saturday, April 18, 2009


Three people write about Dierks in the blogs below. One was impressed with his sincerity during a fan club Meet & Greet, another says that his angel's vocal makes him an irresistable country music idol, and the third (an aspiring songwriter who knew nothing about country music) listens to Dierks Bentley for inspiration--"My first few hours were spent listening to Dierks Bentley and such, trying to wrap my mind about country songwriting..." I can't think of any better country music songwriter to learn from! He's the best!

1) "I had a chance to talk with Dierks before the show and watch him interact with members of his fan club at a meet and greet session. It was impressive to see how focused he was at making each fan feel at ease, posing for photos, signing autographs and chatting sincerely with them. He’s a genuinely good guy and that comes across in his performance. When I attend concerts as a reviewer, I receive free tickets from the promoter but Dierks is one artist that I would spend my own hard-earned cash to see as a fan."
~Jeff Dekker, 02-19-2009, Musings at the Ploughboy Mansion

2) "Dierks Bentley the charming and cute country music singer. He has throbbed the heart of a million girls in the United States alone, turning them into fans that has created a huge Dierks Bentley fans community for him. But that’s not what he good at, it is his pure musical talents that has brought him this far. Dierks is going performance live during his concert soon, be sure not to miss it.

Dierks Bentley’s crackle was first heard in 20th of November year 1975 located in John C.Lincoln Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona. Bentley is an all American country music singer. After playing his guitar and singing at various local venues for years, someone finally recognize Bentley’s talents of musics and by year 2003 Capitol Records signed him up.

Dierks Bentley is a damn good guitarist and has an angel’s vocal making him an irresistible country music idol. His up coming concert tickets will be selling out soon, so grab yours here today before its too late."
~David Snyder, April 1, 2009 Witty Writer

3) “I was on the OneVoice tour in Oklahoma when my good friend, Aaron Lahey, a Millikin alum and former member of my band who recently moved to Los Angeles, called me late Friday night saying he needed me to write him a song for this movie he was working on for his internship,” Emily Henderson, junior vocal music major, said. “He basically told me I had until Sunday or Monday to finish this song and that he needed it to sound sort of dark, pop-country, include the word ‘cursed’ a lot, be somewhat plot-specific (without giving away too much) and to not be gender specific.”

The request was extremely specific, a difficult task for the musician who normally writes songs about her own experiences. The song was to be used in a movie entitled “The Cursed.” More difficult yet, the call came to her on Friday night, leaving her only two or three days to write the song. “The song really came together in less than a week,” Bryan Tewell, junior commercial music major and song co-producer, said.

Tewell recorded as many versions of the vocals and instruments as possible, leaving co-producer Lahey with as many options as possible in putting the song together.

Henderson, unfamiliar with writing country music, researched the genre during the bus-ride from Oklahoma.

“My first few hours were spent listening to Dierks Bentley and such, trying to wrap my mind about country songwriting,” Henderson said. She enlisted the help of her friend, Christopher Jones, an avid country music fan and musician.

“I initially got involved on this project because Emily sought my help because she was looking for a country ‘feel’ and I am a huge country fan,” Christopher Jones, senior commercial music major, said. “I feel like I just road alongside Emily during this process, more as a reference than an attribute. She really took on most of the project and made it happen.”

The movie is expected to be aired on the SciFi channel, produced by the major film company Dreamworks.

“Between the scratch recording and the real one, the film was picked up by Dreamworks, so needless to say I felt a lot more pressure than I was already feeling,” Henderson said. “‘Cursed’ is about a person who is leaving town to try and get away from things negatively affecting his or her life.”
~Ryan Murphy, April 1, 2009, The DEC Online


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