Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thanks to Fiona, here are a few highlights from last night's online Town Hall Meeting :

* The Sideways video will be up on iTunes on April 14th.
* Last Call Ball will be on June 10th
* Dierks is reading Twilight (this shocked me)
* Dierks says he is enjoying being a dad and Evie is about to turn 6 months old
* Dierks hasn't played any pranks of Brad Paisley but he says he is looking for a weak link in Brad's organization to help him out
* Cassidy loves the songs "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" and "Beautiful World"
* Dierks decided to change the name of the fan club to "DB Congress" and gave shout-outs to Ronna, David (and his flag!), Mona, and Tara for her bracelets.
* Dierks is excited to go to Australia and wants to meet Stacey while he is there!
* Dierks is not a fan of Twitter

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  1. Dierks reading Twilight made me sad. But Dierks's dislike of Twitter made up for it. Ha.