Monday, April 27, 2009


For those of you following Mom and son Bud in the MOM NOS blog, this is really cool! Here's an excerpt:

"We spent the whole afternoon on a long hike in the woods, the sun shining through the branches, the breeze blowing through our hair, and not a bug in sight. And though I wore shorts and Bud wore pants, we were both comfortable and we didn't spend another minute discussing wardrobe. Instead, we hiked and climbed, while Bud listened to Dierks Bentley on his iPod and I listened to Bud sing along. Then we played a game that Bud developed that I like to call "Every Style a Memory," in which Bud names a Dierks Bentley track and I have to guess whether Dierks originally sang it with long hair or short hair - which may sound tedious, but was actually a welcome relief given the conflict of the day before."

I think we oughta play that game at Last Call Ball! What do you think, DB Congress?


  1. Awww, it's always great to get an update on Bud and his mom. That would be a good game to play!

  2. Ronna, thanks for the shout-out! Here's a question for the Fan-clubbers: Bud has a track downloaded from a compilation album (Grand Ole Opry, maybe?) called House of Gold, and he REALLY wants to know - is it a short-hair song or a long-hair song? Any idea?