Wednesday, April 29, 2009


In a few more weeks, I am hoping to post another blog, and all I'll have to do is change the title by one digit--to #1! I am just so excited that this Dierks single has risen so, so swiftly up the country charts! Now only nine weeks in, Sideways is at #11! Thank you country radio and thank you Dierks Bentley fans and DB Congress Reps for calling and emailing your DJ's, imploring them NOT to play nothin' slow! ("DJ don't ya play nothin' slow!"). Let's keep it going until we get him to #1!

I know you all have seen the official video, but here's a little something different. One of your fellow DB Congress reps in Ohio, Jennifer, shared a line dance of herself and friends at the Dusty Armadillo (choreographed by Chris Hall).

"Dierkside" is another line dance for Sideways. NJ Line Dance Girl posted a step sheet on the 38step blogspot , but I can't find a video of this dance! Who can find it for me?


  1. I have the steps for the Chris Hall dance (along with 3 others for Sideways). Now maybe I can figure it out after seeing the video. It's nice to know there are some other DBC line dancers out there!

  2. lol i can video tape myself doing the line dance featured in the above video if any one wants a better video to look at to learn it!

  3. OMG! "Dierkside" cool is this dance! I love line-dancing!! I'm going to learn it...but there is something missing, I'm gonna have my hands waving in the air, a big smile on my face and a beer in my hand while doing it...LOL!

  4. Yes i would like to learn the dance in the above video. Thank you.