Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Finally! Dierks is THE cover of Country Weekly magazine, and the red, white and blue color theme won the vote! The April 13, 2009 issue will go down in history as the first ever solo cover for our Dude, Dierks Bentley!

Well over a year ago, DB fan clubbers and DB Congress reps began a rigorous campaign to convince Country Weekly execs that they would sell a record number of copies of their magazine with Dierks' gorgeous face on the front.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "we" didn't make this happen--Dierks' peeps in his camp did all the negotiating, but I like to think we had a little to do with it. After all, CW did have a little fun with us for several issues stating how many letters they received that week requesting DB on the cover.

So now we have to put our money where our mouth is. Time to get out there and buy up those copies as a huge thank you to the CW team. And, make sure you send your personal appreciation via email to: letters@countryweekly.com.

Now that subscription service has ceased, you can find out where to buy your copy here.

Here's the web summary of the 7-page article: Dierks Bentley: 3 Days That Changed My Life. In this Country Weekly exclusive, Dierks Bentley relaxes at his Nashville home and reflects on the three days that changed his life. His most recent life-changing event came last Oct. 4, when his daughter Evie was born. “You just can’t help but be happy every day,” he says about fatherhood. Dierks also talks about his long love affair with his wife Cassidy, who he’s known since their high school days, and his early, dues-paying days in Nashville. Plus, catch some photos of Dierks and his sweet baby girl!

Additionally, CW posted a web exclusive dialogue--an extension of the print article. Dierks Bentley kicks back in his Nashville home and digs down deep to share memories of pivotal moments.

My favorite part:
"[Dierks sings “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” to Evie] No response, huh? [Dierks chuckles]
Cassidy: She’s listening.
DB: Listening’s not enough for my audience . . . I want her on her feet!
[Dierks sings “This Beautiful World” from the new album . . . Evie spits up] That counts . . . spit up’s good! Throw up or spit up . . . either one’s fine. It’s a response.


  1. Great to see Dierks on the front of CW finally! I'll definitely let CW know how much it is appreciated!

  2. Finally-it's about time!!! Very happy to see this!

  3. This is an awesome article. So glad to see Dierks finally on the cover! And the photos of Dierks and Evie...so beautiful.

  4. How awesome...we've been waiting such a long time for this! Thank you for the link where Country Weekly has the magazine in stores. I've been looking for this issue at local stores in my area but I've been looking in the wrong places. I'm going shopping tonight!!
    Thanks for posting this. SO happy the white background won...it's the one I picked. ♥

  5. I really like the article and awesome pics of the Dierks Bentley Family. I sent CW an email thanking them for featuring Dierks on the front cover!