Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From The Dierks Bentley Congress!

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Happy Thanksgiving! On behalf of the 627 DB Congress representatives from all 50 United States, Mexico and Canada, to Europe, Asia and Australia, we wish you peace, prosperity and abundance!

Many times, Dierks has said he can't believe how his music has brought so many of us fan clubbers together and allowed us to meet and become best of friends. One time he even claimed we didn't need him anymore since we had each other. We quickly corrected him--yes we do!

We are especially thankful for Dierks and his entire team: Chris, Brittany, Jay, Morgan, Cassady, Tim, Steve, Dan, Brian and all the behind the scenes light and sound techs who make it possible for the band to look and sound great on stage every night! Thank you for enriching our lives!

We're thankful for Cassidy and Evie for sharing their husband and daddy with us!

Special congrats to Brian Layson (lead guitar) who is expecting a little one in the spring!

We would love to hear what everyone is thankful for! Please leave a comment!

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