Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello to all of the Congress members who have been with us for so long and to all of you just joining us. I am Mona, the one with the tee shirt fetish. Here is a quick history of the DB CONGRESS tee.

I joined the Congress on Aug. 7, 2007--just seven days before meeting the man for the first time! After meeting him I became even more involved with and the Congress. Other Congress members were tossing around ideas to have matching tees. Being the pushy type person that I can be, I started searching online for design ideas. I took those ideas back to the Congress and the shirt you see at Dierks shows was agreed upon. Another member, Jackie Ohio, put me in touch with a company that could do the shirts at an affordable price. Granny Ann obtained permission for us to us the db logo. The first order I sent in was for 23 shirts.

The shirts came in in time for the Oct. 19-20 shows in Sioux City and Council Bluffs. Samantha MN was the first to show Dierks the tee shirt and have him autograph it for her. Dierks had a very busy tour schedule that fall and those 23 shirts were seen a lot! I began getting more requests for shirts and have now sent shirts to Canada, Australia, and Europe! Over 100 tees went out in the first year! We have also done the same shirt in a white version for summer time and in the ever popular LITTLE WHITE TANK TOP.

By the way, Dierks has his own Congress tee with DUDE on the back, thanks to David!

I really do have a thing for DB tees. I have about 20 shirts that I have purchased from store or at the merch tables. And I have 2 black Congress shirts-IOWA and MLVSLTA. Ronna's warning about silver sharpies? Oh yeah, I can no longer wear my Iowa shirt as the autograph is fading and I have a very special memory attached to the signing of that shirt.
I will once again be taking orders for the white version and the LLWTT starting in April. Numerous people have asked about hoodies, we have a decision to make about those, see my latest post in DBTEE SHOP thread on

Welcome new members and thank you to everyone who has allowed me to handle the shirts for our great CONGRESS. I hear from so many people, cards and emails telling about their experiences meeting Dierks...It has been so much fun!

Please email me at with any questions.


  1. Hey Mona, nice article! Love hearing the history of the DB Congress shirt. You've done a wonderfull job in promoting Dierks and I'm sure he is very proud of you!!! Now, if we can just get Dierks to post a pic of him wearing his DB Congress shirt...that would be awesome!!

  2. To anyone that has their DBC shirt signed in silver sharpie or any shirt signed with the silver sharpie:
    We went to a show last month and got a black shirt signed in silver sharpie and my Momma asked some friends at school and the art teacher told her to do this(very simple)...Get a brown paper bag(like a lunch bag) and place it on top of the autograph and run an iron over the brown bag. Not sure if it actually works yet or not, but she did try it.

  3. I just recently hand washed in cold water wash like woolite my DB tshirt which was signed with a silver sharpie and it did come out fine. No fading of the signature at all!Just thought I would share this info with you all!