Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I woke up today and put on my DB Congress shirt and bracelets to head to Wal-Mart to purchase the new cd of course. And let me tell you...we are having some bad weather where I am at so going out is not any easy task right now.I get to Wal-Mart and go to the cd's and I can not find the cd anywhere. "Do you have any copies of the CD in stock" ?... there were none left! They said they put a few out and they were gone and it would take them awhile to go to the back and find them. So I patiently waited while the salesperson went to the back to bring up more copies. (tick tock, tick tock...) THEY FOUND ONE!!

I go up front to check out and the cashier was asking about the cd and if it was good. She went on to ask more questions about Dierks and told me how she saw him with Kenny Chesney a while back and really liked him. I told her about the fan club and showed her the bracelets (and even gave her one, she was so excited!). She said she was gonna purchase the cd after work and go register at dierks.com!

I was just so excited when I left the store. I got the cd, and got a few fans to purchase it and come look at the new website. It was just a great day!



  1. Way to go DBC Michigan rep, Katie! What a great idea to put on your DBC shirt and bracelets--I didn't think of that when I bought my 3 copies of FTF CD at Target today! Thanks so much for sharing your success story! I did leave a few DBC.com business cards in front of the rest of the FTF CD's, though. ~Ronna~

  2. WOW!!! Got home today and my pre-ordered FTF CD was in the mailbox!! Listening to it right now and absolutely LOVIN IT!!! Dierks has outdone himself on this one! So proud to be a DB fan and thanks again for this great website Ronna and Tony!! Debra

  3. So cool Katie! Great idea to put your colors on before going to the store. Word of mouth and a small gift is our best way to promote the GREAT music of Dierks Bentley!!! Awesome job. :)

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  5. Hey everyone, Purchased my 2nd CD at target and at the checkout the clerk did ask me about the Feel That fire cd. I spoke about how great it is and how good all his music is and she said she was interested in buying the cd and attending a concert and I explained to her how much fun the fan club is and it really interested her also Marie from PA