Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Did DB Discuss "Pride" With U2's Bono?

It's no secret how much the band U2 means to Dierks Bentley. So much so that Dierks covered (albeit with meticulous vocals, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo instrumentation) the U2 hit single, "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" in his critically acclaimed 2010 bluegrass project, Up On The Ridge.

"Pride (In the Name of Love)" is the second track on U2's 1984 album, The Unforgettable Fire, and was released as the album's lead single in September 1984. Written about Martin Luther King, Jr., the song received mixed critical reviews at the time, but it was a major commercial success for the band and has since become one of the band's most popular songs.

The iconic rock band made it's first appearance in Music City (Nashville, Tennessee) on Saturday, July 2, 2011--the first time since 1981--in the round - a 360 degree stage, nicknamed, "The Claw."

DB Congress rep, Kalen, who represents Dierks in Oklahoma, is also an avid U2 fan and follows them all over the country (kind of like many of us DBC-ers do for Dierks!).  Kalen was in Nashville for the U2 concert at Vanderbilt Stadium and tweeted from the audience:

"Wow! my @DierksBentley just got a shout out from Bono from the spaceship stage at Vanderbilt. Awesome Dude! @DBCongress"

So of course I had to know more!

ME: So Dierks got a shout out from Bono? I need details! Gotta post that on dbc.com! Do you think D was there?

KALEN: Yes. Dierks' name came out of Bono's mouth onstage last night! I about died! Bono said it when he mentioned how great it was hanging out with the singer/songwriters "last night" (which would have been the 1st).  Before that, I am about 99% sure we saw Dierks on the floor with Cass.  I tried to get a pic but we were 14 rows from the floor & the lighting wouldn't take pics. But I saw a white Tshirt, dark jeans & blonde curls and a dark-haired girl with him.  He walked like Dierks...so that's why I say 99% sure it was him. Then when Bono names off all these names and says...and "Dierks" not Dierks Bentley, just Dierks! They are on a first-name basis. D got to meet Bono. Happy for him but jealous.

ME: Did they sing Pride? Aren't you from Oklahoma? What are you doing in Nashville?

KALEN: Yes. They sang Pride--one of my favorites of U2. I am from OK but kinda follow U2 around when they tour. Staying in Nashville through the 4th. Hope to see another Blonde Curls sighting!

According to Billboard.biz, "Backstage hospitality was filled with notable Nashville music business figures and artists, including Clement, manager Ken Levitan, singers Dierks Bentley and Michael W. Smith..."

Thanks for sharing, Kalen! So it seems our DBC president met his idol, Bono! Congrats! Wish we could've been a fly on that wall!

~Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair, FL


  1. Kalen-OK DB CongressTue Jul 05, 11:46:00 PM

    Well Written Ronna. It was SO EXCITING to see U2 in Nashville! I had a feeling Dierks would be there, somewhere, since U2 is one of his favorite bands. I talked to him about U2 during one our M&Gs in 2009 when he told me he was going to Chicago to see them. When I saw this "figure" walk out from the backstage area of the Vanderbilt Stadium, I saw blonde curls in the lights and I knew. Then, when Bono said "and Dierks" I was like..."THAT IS HIM!" What a fun night it was. For anyone who hasn't seen a U2 show, you should. Or, at the very least watch the Vertigo tour on DVD.

  2. What a great piece, Ronna. Thank you, Kalen for sharing with us. I, too am a U2 fan who saw them play their last concert in the JFK stadium in Philly, Pa with an attendance of 99,000 people on hand. Pride is my favorite U2 song so when Dierks put it on his UOTR album I could not wait to hear it. The way Dierks and his band members did Pride was such a tribute to the song itself..beautiful. I told Dierks once in a meet and greet that was my favorite song on the album..that he should consider making it a single. The vocals are perfect and the instrumental parts are incredible,so beautiful. He appreciated the words and I was so happy to hear him sing it live. I told him at the m & g that he and Bono should sing it together..thanks again for a great story. beckysrosecottage DB Congress DE Rep

  3. That's so great! Loved reading this.

  4. Thanks Rep Kalen for the report. I'm sure that was a very fun and exiting night! So cool that Bono gave Dierks a shout out. I bet D about wet his pants!