Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blake Shelton's Opry Induction

Why a blog on Blake Shelton on a Dierks website? Simple. During Blake's media interview before his induction into the Opry last night, Blake mentions our DB Congress President and fellow Grand Ole Opry member, Dierks Bentley!

Media Question: Did you listen to the Grand Ole Opry growing up in Oklahoma & why do you think the Opry has had such a longevity as it has celebrated 85 years?

Blake Shelton: I watched the Grand Ole Opry growing up - I don't know they say you can get Channel 650, it's clear across the nation, & man my crappy radios in Oklahoma, they don't work, it needs to be on TV...but growing up, you know, it was on TV, & it was presented by Purina all the time, I remember that...The reason why I think it's lasted so long, is the same reason I think that Country music has lasted so long & to me Country music as a whole embraces change...things have to evolve to survive & music is no exception to can look at other genres in jazz or blues...& they are not big industries. Pop, Rock & Country are big industries...they adapt, they change, they keep following the youth. I'm sure when George Jones came in with the "White Lightnin'" those old-timers were like, eh, that ain't Country... damn rock-a-billy. I'm sure he pushed the envelope...& every generation, we seem to embrace that type of change.

The Opry inducting's shocking b/c I don't really fit the mold of who the members are, when you walk up & down the hallways b/c you see the other generation before. But that's what's happening now & it's weird because that's what we're doing now...& when you add me & Carrie Underwood &'s that passing on the torch & that's why it is still here today...I think we'll find that as devastating as that flood was to Nashville & to this building ...I think it's going to turn out to be really important & a great thing for the Grand Ole Opry, for people to have seen for a second...that could've gone away...I think it's a rebirth.

You may remember Dierks crashing Blake's fan club party in June:

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  1. This is funny! Would love to see Dierks and Blake together.

  2. I do remember that since I took that video :)

    I told him at Stir Cove I thought that was so cool. I thought I was taking the video because Erin Andrews was there and then she introduces Dierks. Anyway, he said he really didn't even know who she was till after...