Thursday, August 27, 2009


So, I opened my email and saw one from Country Weekly for the sneak peak at an upcoming issue--you know, the survey that makes you choose one:

*I like this cover and I'd buy it,
*I don't like this cover but I'd buy it anyway,

But there was no option to say "I LOVE THIS COVER,WHEN CAN I BUY IT!"

Dierks Bentley on the cover of Country Weekly - AGAIN! Well, this time not so solo, but we love Jake, too. He is such a sweet dog! And the best part is, I was there with a lot of my DB Congress buddies to experience the photo shoot! Details at the Atlanta Tabernacle blog.

This will be the September 21 issue on sale September 14.

THANK YOU COUNTRY WEEKLY! You just made my day!

*EDIT 8/28/09: Please keep in mind this is merely a test cover. Since I am part of the survey panel for CW covers, this was a test version and not necessarily the final version. Images, headlines and other things can change; changes can be caused by breaking news and such.

DB Congress Chair


  1. Score! How come George never gets any love though? Poor little guy.

  2. I know. I want the "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover!!!"

    And BTW, good job on getting this posted so fast!!!

  3. And when I checked my Twitter I had to tweets from @countryweekly

    @dbcongress You can also expect a lot of extra web-exclusive interview stuff at when the issue goes on sale, btw.

    @dbcongress It'll be the Sept. 21 issue, which officially goes on sale Sept. 14. Let all the congressional representatives know! (via CW)

    RonnaFL@countryweekly THANK YOU THANK YOU for @dierksbentley and his dog Jake on the cover of an upcoming issue! I think it's Sept. 21, right?

  4. Woohoo!! Yeah when I saw those twitters I was excited :D And the cover looks awesome! Can't wait to get a copy or two ;)

  5. Woohoo!!! How exciting is this!!! So happy for Dierks to be on the cover again and love the pic with Jake!!! Very glad I was there in ATL for the CW coverage! Thanks Ronna and so happy to be there with you too!!

  6. What is this, the second cover in 4 months? Crazy! I guess I'll need to write another letter! :)

    And Stephanie, I totally agree about George! Maybe he stays home with Cassidy and Evie? Guard dog. ;)

  7. YAY!! Great pic!! Can't wait to get this issue!!! Thanks for the heads up on this one..

  8. Love it!!! That's great that CW has Dierks on the cover again! Jake is adorable, but I'm with Stephanie, what about George?

  9. Magazine covers are a great way to make someone a household name, this is really GREAT news!

  10. AWESOME!!!It would be even more awesome if i would have gotten to go to the Atlanta show it was done at BUT STILL! I am so happy CW is reconizing what a talented guy our prez is!! woot woot!

  11. love it and want to see it happen!