Thursday, August 20, 2009


White lines on the road was the only trail we left behind us as we set out on our 8 hour DRT (Dierks Road Trip) from Tampa to Atlanta on Tuesday morning. Somewhere in the distance is where I needed to be to see Dierks Bentley perform for free at The Tabernacle. Sponsored by Samsung Summer Krush, the event was just that--an event. Not just a concert but a 24-hour adventure.

Hubby and I arrived around 3 pm. It had been a beautiful drive--sun and white clouds, but now it was raining. We parked in the lot and walked over to the barricade by the busses. Checked Twitter. Dierks said Jake was getting fluffed for the Country Weekly photo shoot. When it stopped raining, they all came out by the jeep and about 20 of us were gathered to watch the photo shoot. Dierks very gingerly picked up Jake and gently placed him on the hood of the jeep and then joined him.

After the shoot, he signed and took photos with everyone. I had a M&G (I know, I just had one, but we are allowed 2 per year now!) so I stood back letting others have their time with Dierks. Jake was running around without a leash and just when I thought D was not even watching him when he started to come around our side of the barricade, Dierks hollered for him and he went right to daddy! My husband brought to Dierks attention that The Tabernacle told us we could not bring cameras in that night and D said he didn't know that and he said he would see what he could do since he always encourages cameras. Needless to say, they let us bring cameras inside.

There were 3 different lines outside and it was pretty chaotic but we finally got in at 8 pm and made it to the rail. We left for the M&G at 9 but getting back to the rail was a nightmare! Talk about feeling that fire--hot, sticky, sweaty, squished in like sardines --now I know how Dierks feels every night on stage! But once he came out none of that mattered.

Dierks is known for bouncing all over every inch of the stage and interacting and connecting in some way with each fan in the house--whether pointing, eye contact or physical touch--and tonight was no exception. But it seemed he was giving way more db love than usual if that's possible--God love him!

As we walked back to the M&G, with Brittany as our escort, I overheard someone backstage say, "Oh, here comes the congress!" We're famous! During our M&G Country Weekly was filming and taking photos as well, so we may just make a future issue! Wouldn't that be cool? Atlanta is a lucky city for the DB Congress to get published in CW! It was May of 2008 we were in Atlanta at the amphitheater and took the pic with D of 18 of us and it got published in the October 2008 CW issue! (It's also the home page of this website). The only difference is nobody but Ann had their DBC shirt on! But we were there, representing: me, Ann (AL), Debra (AL), Tammy (GA), Kelly, Lisa (GA), Chrissie (GA), Jayme (IL) (and I thought Florida was far!), Lauren (FL), Tracy and Tabitha (AL), Keesha (NC), Carmin (good to meet you!), Trenda, and Hevs. I am sure there were more because there were several in the M&G who I had never met--so they're in the fan club but not sure if they are listed in the DBC.

I thanked Dierks for posting on here and he said, "Oh, did I do it right?" Yes--you did it perfectly. "I wasn't sure if you saw it." Yes--I saw it--everybody saw it and went wild! Now don't be a stranger! He said he would try to post more often.

Dierks & Me

Dierks & Ann

Jayme, Tammy, Keesh wait to meet Dierks

Jayme asked Dierks to sign her foot so she could go get it tatoo'd!

I finally squeezed my way back to hubby, who had been protecting my spot as best he could--and Lisa was on the rail with her hubby--she was 35 weeks pregnant--what was she thinking? She was thinking bout those blue eyes, curly hair, deep gravely voice.... hahaha...can't say that I blame her!

Lisa wants her nails painted black...

Hubby and me...
Starting out with Sideways, Dierks followed up with (in no particular order) Every Mile A Memory, How Am I Doin'? Trying to Stop Your Leaving, Feel That Fire, Lotta Leavin' Left To Do, What Was I Thinkin', Life On The Run, Free and Easy....and the slow songs: Come a Little Closer, Settle For A Slowdown, My Last Name, and I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes.

But there were two songs that stood out for me. Dierks said, "I was scheduled to perform at The Grand Ole Opry tonight, but when I heard about this gig and that it was an old church that's now a bar, I couldn't pass it up!" Then he sang Better Believer--for the first time live. Later during the slow set, he sang Long Trip Alone--which I have not heard him sing live since last year. How appropriate these two songs were for "The Tabernacle." Both songs have such deep meaning, and you could tell Dierks was feeling the spiritual vibes of the old church. His voice was truly inspiring!

After Free and Easy, they all left the stage, but came back out and Dierks said, "I'm all out of hits so how about some George Strait!? "All My Exes Live in TX", then launched right into Waylon's Lonesome, Onry & Mean, and Johnny Cash--Folsom Prison Blues--I just love when Dierks makes his voice sound like Johnny--cry cry cry cry cry--really great job!

As always it was over way too soon--but well worth every minute! I was just happy--since he was the only act, he was on the stage longer than he gets during the Brad show.

At one point I just could not stand to be squished anymore (hubby gave out way before me), so I slid out and went up to the balcony and WOW what a great view! I could not believe all the people on the floor that I had just been in the middle of! And it made me proud to see how many people were actually dancing--not just in their spot, but actually spinning each other around toward the back of the crowd. What a great new perspective!

On the other hand, I was disappointed and thought it a bit wierd when some people started leaving early--like during Long Trip Alone when he still had 4 or 5 songs still to sing! But then I remembered--oh, yeah, this was a free concert so most of these people don't have a clue how big DB is and how much bigger he's about to get!

So we waited outside by the busses after the show for about 30 minutes with about 50 other people, and talked to Tim (steel guitar) for a little while. Tim--if you are reading this--don't forget about our fiddle conversation! We decided to leave knowing that we had an 8 hour drive ahead of us. Exactly 24 hours later, after about 4 hours sleep at a last-minute Best Western, we arrive home in Tampa. Every Mile A Memory!


Here is some more coverage of Dierks' show at The Tabernacle:


  1. Wow Mona, What a great review. It sounds like you really had a great time. Got some nice photos too!! Thanks for sharing and trying to keep up with the Pres. Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn--but I am Ronna---not Mona.

  3. Awesome review Ronna! :D Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Agh Awesome pics and review!! I reallyyyyy wanted to be there but alot of issues arose and then my grandfather died and i couldn't make it! :( But glad that you guys had fun!

  5. Great review, Ronna! Love all the pictures, too!

  6. Ronna, thanks for a great review and your pictures are amazing!!

  7. Great review! Sounds like an amazing time was had by all! I can't believe I missed Better Believer and LTA...those are my two songs! I pray he plays them in Harris, MI. So glad you and hubby had such a great time! Wish I would have been there with you!

  8. Ahh, nice review and pics Ronna! I'm sure that getting to talk to D made the 8 hour drive well worth it! Sounds like a really neat venue for a concert. Glad everyone had fun! And a "big" thanks to Heather (hevs) for the concert call. I got to hear 5 songs and it felt like I was there. LOTR, SFAS, BB, CALC, and MLN. Thanks girl, I owe ya one!! :)

  9. Great review and pics, Ronna! The pics with Jake and Dierks are sooo cute!!!

  10. Wow! Ronna I thought that was you! I was trying to squeeze up to let you thru sooo many people!! I was about 3 people down from you! I told my friends I think thats Ronna she started DB Congress OMG thats her....but they didn't know who you were..don't worry I'm working on them!! Major Metal fans at a DB concert!! This was the best show yet for me..wish they were all like this one!! I wasn't in M&G my computer was down and I didn't get the email :( looks like you guys had fun!! Maybe next time!! Great review!

  11. Awww thank you Beth! I don't mind being squished when I am on the rail with just people behind me, but with people on all four sides of me...I couldn't breathe! Thanks for trying to help! Have I met you? Where are you from? Can you email me your pic?

  12. No we haven't met, I just recognized you from the Congress site! I am from North Carolina, (dierksgirll)! I will try to send my pic, not too good with all this stuff!! Thanks for this site it is Awesome!!

  13. Thanks for the review Ronna, I loved it. Boy you can tell how hot I was when I met Dierks. I told him I was soaking wet and he said that was ok he was too. Ann

  14. Love your review Ronna and your pictures as well. Your hubby looks very happy to be there with you, great pic!. Sounds like you had a really goodtime!