Thursday, May 21, 2009


DB Congress Connecticut was 'in da house' Wednesday night/Thursday morning, supporting the self-proclaimed public servant to his fans--Dierks Bentley. The aforementioned "house" was located at 30 Rockerfeller Center--Late Nite With Jimmy Fallon--NBC TV studio in New York City!

CT reps and best friends Renee, Lauren, Mandy, and Becky arrived with just enough time to get their VIP wristbands. "We were led to a security area, and while walking through the building my friend Becky spots those infamous curls of our favorite man Dierks just hanging out talking to someone in the doorway of the plaza," said 'CTcowgirl' Renee. "He traded in his cowboy boots for black and white Adidas sneakers, Jeans, and a black shirt...and he looked absolutely amazing as always!"

Just last week, Renee saw the announcement on to "BE IN THE AUDIENCE TO SEE DIERKS ON LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON!" and immediately entered for her chance to win seats in the "Band Bench" and an opportunity to surround the stage during Dierks' live performance on the show! After four agonizing days, she got a phone call the day before the show saying she'd won.

"During the taping of the show, we were allowed to, along with 40 other winners, be onstage with Dierks and the boys as they performed his latest chart-climbing hit, Sideways.

We giggle, he waves, we giggle some more. Gotta Love that DB smile! We couldn't talk to him or get pictures because security was whisking us off through the metal detectors. Dierks hugged a fan farther down the line and everyone got out their cameras for a quick snapshot of the country star before going into the studio.

The taping was very interesting to be a part of, lots of production people working on the set making the show run smoothly. Lots of laughs, too. Jimmy Fallon is extremely hilarious. When it finally came time for the winners to join Dierks onstage we couldn't have been more excited. There were three balconies onstage that held about 13 people each for the winners of the "Band Bench Sweepstakes." We were on Dierks' right-hand side.

The producers encouraged us all to dance and have a great time up there which isn't hard to do when Dierks is performing. Although in the playback you can hardly see us girls in any of the footage, you can definitely tell we are there. Dierks kept looking over at our side, partying it up just for him, and was smiling because he knew we were his congress, there supporting him.

He even laughed at us on our balcony during the performance when he sang "Gotta Make 'em wanna"...and we shouted "What"..."Gotta make 'em wanna"..."What"..."Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more!"

We all were doing the signature dance and you can see Dierks check our side one more time during the chorus to make sure we are all waving our hands to the left, then right, gettin' a little bit 'Sideways.'

At the end of the performance he raised his fist in victory to us girls and throws us up his guitar pick, which we caught. After closing the show with Jimmy Fallon, Dierks went around to all three of the balconies and shook everyone's hand. Our balcony was about eight feet high and I couldn't reach down to Dierks for my goodbye handshake, so he leaned back to make sure he made eye contact and gave me a wave and a smile.

What a wonderful ending to a perfect day in New York City!

We all waited in the lobby for a bit, but the band must have left through another entrance. Dierks knew we were there in support of him, and to represent the congress, though. It doesn't matter if he didn't come out for a final goodbye. I was hoping somewhere in the city he was enjoying the beautiful cool evening, and a nice cold beer after that great show!

So with that we packed up to get back on the train and head back to Connecticut. That one day in the city will forever be embedded in my Dierks memory bank. We will always take the opportunity to go out for Dierks and show our support. He is totally worth the miles and memories.

I wish we could do yesterday over. I would have gone right up to Dierks and told him Ronna sent me!"

Thanks Renee for the great play by play of the evening! I wish I could have been there with you!

To see the video, go to the link below and choose the Dierks Bentley Chapter 5, May 20. Dierks performs at the 38:00 minute mark:

Dierks on Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Awesome review! That was great. Rock on Renee! :)

  2. Hats off to Renee and her friends!! Great job of supporting Dierks and representing The Congress!! I think that's why Dierks is so good to the Congress members...he knows we are there for him and it showed that night! Thanks Renee, you all ROCK!!!!! :)

  3. Great review, Renee! It would have been fun to be down there with you girls cheering Dierks on. Maybe I'll see you at Hartford?