Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was so impressed with the first time post of Fan Clubber and DB Congress Rep Vicky's husband on that I thought it deserved it's own blog here on DBC. I posted Vicky's story yesterday, but here's a different persective from a casual fan, turned full-fledged Dierks Bentley fan for life!

"Hello to all DB fans. This is my first post and my first attempt at a review. As Vicky is my wife and Mikayla my daughter (from the "Fans Surprise Dierks on Aussie Tour" blog) you will understand that I have heard a few of DB’s songs over the years. So it was not a surprise to me that as soon as Vicky heard about Dierks touring with Brooks & Dunn down under I was TOLD we will be going. I knew I was really only the pack mule and driver which was ok by me because I know how much both girls love Dierks.

I am sure you have read Vicky’s review so you know the story so far and from a diehard fan side of things. Mine will be a little different as I only listened to Dierks music when it was played in the house or on PAYTV, not to say that I don’t like his music. I actually have a favourite song that I really like (What Was I Thinkin') and I especially like a few of his video clips (with little white tank tops).

Any way with that being said, we turn up at the venue as Vicky wrote in her review, meanwhile with me laughing and digging at her about why are you so nervous he is only human like the rest of us. We proceed to the Meet and Greet and wait our turn to meet Dierks. Now remember that I said earlier that I only listened to Dierks if it was played at home!
I am now writing this review as I am so impressed with the dedication Dierks showed to all at the M&G, as he talks with you and listens intently to every word you say he looks you in the eye! Yes I found instant respect for Dierks at this point, and am now beginning to understand why everybody raves about how nice and down to earth this gentleman of country music really is. I am becoming a convert even before the M&G has finished. A truly awesome life experience to remember for me. Thanks Dierks!

Dierks is now on stage and singing! The sound system is great and Dierks and band are playing, lights flashing and fading in & out and a good portion of the crowd singing along! They Sound every bit as good live as they do on the CDs. With the atmosphere of the crowd and the energy from Dierks and band, the performance was a completely mind blowing event that has left me with memory for life. The crowd definitely enjoyed the show as a standing ovation was given at the end of their performance.

As I watched most of the show through a zoom lens hoping to get a few nice clear pics for Vicky, I felt as though I was almost on stage with them, the sub woofers working over time I could feel the bass thumping on my chest! Vicky probably just thinks it was her heart beating so hard.

It was a great concert and I have the pleasure of telling you all that I am now officially a Dierks Bentley Fan! I am also looking forward to seeing Dierks & Band again in the future!

Thanks to Dierks, Band & Crew for a great show here in Perth Western Australia (The Wait Awhile State).

Sorry to all Dierks fans about taking so long to understand!

Chris (Vicky’s Hubby, Camera Man & Merchandise Pack Mule)"

Thanks Chris, for sharing your story! No worries, mate! We forgive you! Welcome to the DB Congress family!

DB Congress Chair


  1. Thanks Ronna for adding this post. I too was impressed with the review from Chris. So good of him to be the mule for Vicky and Mikayla. And what a great family photo that I'm sure they will cherish forever! Thanks mate. :)

  2. Oh I love this review! Thank you and WELCOME to the family Chris!

  3. WOW! Awesome story! So glad that Dierks toured to the family picture and welcome :)