Sunday, May 17, 2009


I finally found the June 2009 People magazine - Country Special edition today and quickly grabbed it off the Publix rack and put it in my shopping cart. I tried to leave it there and go on about my grocery shopping, but I couldn't stand it! I had to look inside to get a peek at any and all Dierks Bentley pics! Here's what I found:

Page 30...the left side of a 2-page spread of the 21 country stars honoring George Strait at the Artist of the Decade event. Since this is a Dierks Bentley blog, you'll have to buy the magazine to find out where Keith Urban's other hand is!

Country's Hottest Guys started on page 36 with Brad, Blake, Keith...and then I think I hesitated a little too long (for a die-hard Dierks fan) on the center-fold--Chuck Wicks looking fine in blue jeans and a white, wet top---in the surf, on the beach, when I found The Free Spirit Dierks Bentley on page 43.

Ironically, Dierks is quoted saying "I grew up in Arizona riding horses and wearing cowboy hats. Now I'm a country singer, and I don't wear hats and I ride motorcycles," he says with a laugh. "Go figure!" Now does that dispel the controvery over the American Songwriter comment, or what?

To watch the photo shoot video on, go to:,,20279105,00.html


  1. Het Ronna, I think Dierks read the blog and all the comments on the AS controversy!!
    WTG Dierks...cover all the bases!! LOL :)

  2. Oh my what a great pic!! Yea I think Dierks handled that very well!

  3. Awesome picture of Dierks!!

  4. Wow, Some great photos. Glad they included Dierks. Great article.

  5. Dierks looks great in picture...Nice post!