Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just ten weeks on the charts, Dierks Bentley's single, "Sideways" lands in the #10 position. No other single by Bentley has dared to rise so fast! This makes his #12 single, and the 11th to reach the top ten status (My Last Name peaked at #17).

Sideways is also currently listed on The Billboard Hot 100 at #60.

I selected a few of the comments posted under the official video on YouTube:

I like a couple of Dierks Bentley songs and I cannot honestly say that I am a HUGE fan of Dierks. I am also a HUGE Country Music fan and normally this Country Song is NOT my type or style of Country Music but I have to honestly admit that this song is pretty catchy. I'm starting to REALLY like it!! :)

WOW! This is probably the coolest music video I've seen in my life! I love how it's country but has the hip hop (one of my other fave genres of music) dancing! Gotta love Dierks, I've yet to hear one song of his that I didn't like =)

This man makes me wanna wear my blue jeans and white tank top ALL THE TIME!!!!! AWESOME SONG!!!!

Don't forget to vote for the video on CMT - Top 20 and 12-pack, and GAC Top 20! See links on the "Dierks Links" page or the "Current Campaigns" page. This video was #16 on the CMT Top 20 last week, but didn't make the other 2 countdowns! We need your help DB Congress! With 470 reps--we should be making a bigger impact on these on these lists! Remember, we wierk for free...dierks makes it easy!

UPDATE: Sideways, the video, not only lands at #10 on the Billboard Chart, but also at #10 on the CMT Top 20 Countdown week ending May 8th! GREAT JOB VOTING, DB Congress!