Saturday, May 9, 2009


I love my Country Weekly! Love it even more now that it's "weekly!" And they certainly have lots of love for our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley--especially lately! The May 18 issue (Carrie on the cover) dotes on DB from the Letters page all the way to the last page where they ask him 7 interesting questions--wait unitl you read his answers!

~Letters - Hey Martha! Interested in becoming a DBC rep for North Carolina?

~Chillin' with the Stars - What's in Dierks' fridge?

~Tootsies - the world famous, historic Nashville honky-tonk CW page pictures Dierks, but I'm pretty positive that's NOT his band! hmmmmmm

~Stars Up Close - another well-crafted, touching story by Steve Morley, from one of our very own California DB Congress reps, Janet M.! For those of you in the DB Fan Club, here is Janet's original post on the fan club message board.

~7 Questions with Dierks Bentley - Read what just about made him gag and why he's glad he has a daughter--not a son! It's interesting they picked "7" questions, the same number on his IceHoles jersey!

One more page that didn't mention him, but made me think of Dierks is the David Scarlett story on Keith Whitley--20 Years Gone. It's been two decades since keith Whitley died, but his influence still lives on. Many of you may remember one of Dierk's fan club journals where he posted about his admiration and reverence for Whitley. And Bentley's sure to be next single (hopefully), I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Dierks attests, is the opposite spin on Keith's first No. 1 single, "Don't Close Your Eyes."

OK, you know the drill, I've posted the pics, but it's your congressional duty to go buy the magazine! That's how we DBC dedicated Dierks fans say Thank You, Country Weekly!


  1. Looks like our letters/e-mails are paying off! Thanks CW and thanks Ronna for posting this! I'll be looking to buy the magazine tomorrow.

  2. Janet gave me a heads-up about her CW article when we got together in Boston last month. I've been anxious to see it since then, & now that it's out, I'll be on the hunt this week to find a copy.

  3. Ronna, thanks so much for posting the article. I think Steve Morley did a great job too. I was really surprised when I got the email to do it. Finally, found a copy!