Friday, May 29, 2009

DBC MEMBER OF THE WEEK - Jennifer(JenniferLynn)

Jennifer is one of our newest DBC members who represents Illinois. She's been a long time fan like myself and many of you! Her favorite DB song and album both have the same title: Long Trip Alone.

So what led Jennifer to become a Dierks fan? Here's what she said:
"I've been a fan since 2003 when LWTT (What Was I Thinkin'?) came out on the radio. I love Dierks' down-to-earth personality, it really appeals to me. His love for his dogs really is sweet and I can definitely relate - I feel the same way about my Shebby (she likes Dierks too!) Also, my boyfriend surprised me with Dierks tickets in 2007 at Joe's on Weed St. - Dierks just cut his hair and he looked so adorable! That was my 3rd Dierks concert and I've gone to every single concert in the Chicagoland area ever since! I am also a die-hard NASCAR fan and I love that Dierks also follows the sport and is a fan of some of the favorites (Kasey Kahne and Dale Jr.) This year Dierks performed in Daytona and ever since then, the NASCAR broadcast plays music from Dierks new cd, Feel That Fire, when they are coming back from commercial or going to commercial. It's great because I also get my Dierks fix while watching my favorite sport!!! One more point, I met Dierks last year at Country Thunder USA in Twin Lakes, WI and I was so nervous. I was shaking and in tears that I didn't know what to say or do. I've never been the type to make a fool out of myself and stumble around artists/celebrities but boy o' boy did I sure make a moron out of myself. Dierks was so sweet and gracious, though. He made me feel so comfortable and that is another reason why I love Dierks and his music!"
Jennifer promotes Dierks Bentley through Facebook and Myspace pages. She calls the local radio station (US99.5) daily to request Dierks songs. She encourages friends, family and co-workers to listen to his music and buy his cds, and she votes repeatedly on CMT. Jennifer said that she also sings Dierks' songs to her dog, Shelby, every day. Shelby loves it even though the boyfriend really doesn't like her music voice!

Jennifer said that she is a genuine DIERKS BENTLEY fan who is willing to do anything (within reason) to promote Dierks and see his music played more often and get him the recognition he deserves (CMT and ACM awards, etc.) Dierks deserves to win those awards because he truly is a unique artist and there is nobody like him in country music. She thinks this (and his down to earth personality) is why fans LOVE him so much!
"I truly enjoy being a part of the Dierks Bentley fan club and the DB Congress. I just love listening to Dierks' music and seeing him perform live. His voice, music, and personality really speak to my heart."

Welcome to THE Congress Jennifer and glad you're here!

-Amanda Morris(Mississippi Rep/DBC Secretary)


  1. Great job on promoting Dierks Jennifer and you've inspired me to start singing to my cat Kiki! Thanks for the article DBC! :)

  2. Hi and welcome Jennifer! :)

  3. Welcome, Jennifer! Thanks for representing DB Congress and promoting Dierks in Illinois!

  4. Welcome! You have wonderful taste in favorite songs! LTA is awesome!