Friday, May 8, 2009


Valerie emailed me recently to join the Congress. She sent me this interesting review that she sent me and said I could use if I wanted. I read it and thought it was COOL! ;) Thanks Valerie!



BY VALERIE D. (little_white_tank_topped_miss)

Dierks had announced during the Saturday night concert (Mystic Lake Casino, Prior Lake, Minnesota on Saturday, April 25, 2009) that he would be playing hockey at 11am the next day. During the Meet and Greet that evening he had said that he had played that morning across the street. So I just Googled Ice Arena and found the Dakota! Ice Rink next door to the casino. Apparently, Dierks had told the radio station that had coordinated the games NOT to announce them to the fans on the air.

(Dierks was wearing a New York t-shirt and I grew up in New York. I was wearing my OPRY little white tank top and Dierks lives in Nashville. What a great coincidence!)

Here’s what happened at the Dakota! Ice Rink: I was the only Dierks fan there. It was a really strange experience to be alone at a place where Dierks would be “performing.” I met Dierks when he walked into the rink with a couple of other guys. I walked right up to him and said, “Hi, Darlin’! I came to watch you play. Which rink will you be on?” He laughed and said, “I don’t know. I’m just following him.” The guy he was with said it was Rink 1. I watched Dierks walk back towards the locker room and before he followed the guy down the hall he looked back at me and then said to the guy, “
That’s Valerie.” I figured that guy was shocked that any fan was there and couldn’t believe that Dierks would know anyone who lived in Minnesota!

I went into the arena and positioned myself next to the door to the ice. The players were trickling in from the locker rooms. I had my camera set to video and my trigger finger ready. As Dierks appeared at the end of the hall I got a video of him walking towards me. When he reached me he let me take a picture of him. He was wearing his ICEHOLES jersey with BENTLEY 7 on the back. I got the first two pictures of him with that shirt on.

Then Dierks changed into a black U of M sweatshirt for the game. (The shirt has a large M in maroon and gold.) He was on the black team and his ICEHOLES shirt was mostly white. He scored a number of times.

(Dierks Bentley Heating up the Ice @ Dakota! Ice Rink in Prior Lake, Minnesota on April 26, 2009.)

Dierks scored a goal and then raised his stick up in the air. Then he skated over to the fans and tapped on the glass with his stick. It was really fun to watch him. He loved the cheering section! There were six of us fans there all together.

Here is a video from the game that Valerie recorded too!


Valerie wasn't the only DBC member who attended the concert and hockey game! Mona and Tiffany went as well!

MONA's comments:
Dierks announced at the show Sat night that he was playing the next day. About 6-7 of us showed up. I think most of us were Congress members! Val, Tiffany, the Samwhich Sams, another fc member whose name I don't remember, and a friend of Sam's. The rink was around the back of the casino, very easy to find.

I wore my Congress hoodie that weekend. It's a good thing as it was cold and rainy, but I wasn't cold at the hockey rink. I don't care for major league, but I do enjoy locals. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dierks and Rod play. No Rod wasn't the goalie, but his team was pretty good! There were three females playing and they were good! Rod and Dierks were on opposite teams. We enjoyed being Dierks cheering section when he scored! I must say Rod's
team had a much better goalie!

Dierks spent a few minutes with us afterward, which was so sweet of him. We really didn't get to talk to him very much, at least I didn't. He did sign a couple of hockey pucks that had been used in the game. He didn't say anything about my hoodie. I am sure he noticed it however, it would be impossible to not see it. Val told him about one of the songs she discovered others had recorded before Dierks. Others told him what songs they really liked. I didn't have my camera; I only had my cell phone and I didn't get a very good pic of D and I.

At the hockey game, my little black Dierks mobile was parked right beside the vehicle Dierks was riding in. We walked him out after the game, but it was raining a little so I don't know if he noticed the back end with the DB logo.

That was a great experience to watch him play hockey!! I think Dierks enjoyed having us there!
Hey Congress! Do you have an interesting story when you saw Dierks...did you get a little bit Sideways?! Feel free to send me your story along with pics if ya want. Send them to


  1. How fun!!! It would be great to see Dierks play hockey. Thanks so much for the pics and video. So cute!!!!

  2. Thanks for the reviews and the video. Loved watching him play hockey.
    And Valerie.....welcome to the Congress!!

  3. I would love to see Dierks play hockey. I would be so much fun to see!