Sunday, May 24, 2009


"I Saw the Sideways video this morning on Aussie CMC TV!" exclaims Rach from Australia. "It's so good to finally dance in my loungeroom (I think that's like a living room in the US) to this great song."

The previous DB Congress Member of the Week is doing her congressional duty and promoting Dierks Bentley--especially on Fridays when the country music video countdowns of the week begin. "On most emails I sent on Friday to my work colleagues, I started with 'Happy Sideways Day.' I then asked people to go listen to the song, as it was Dierks tribute to Fridays! I think we could really reclaim Fridays as Sideways day," Rach declares.

After all, the lyrics demand it--worked all week it's time to play, gonna get a little bit sideways.

Just a few years ago, I used to dub Thursdays as "Dierksday Thursday" because that was when the video countdowns revealed their top 20 country music videos of the week. Now, CMT and GAC and CMC in Australia countdown the top videos of the week on Fridays, based on fan votes. That's where we need your help!

Vote for Dierks' Sideways video in the U.S. on CMT Top 20, CMT Pure 12-Pack and GAC Top 20. This week the video landed at #11 on CMT20, and finally debuted at #14 on GAC! Thank you DB Congress! Please urge all your family and friends to vote for Dierks this week and let's get him into the single digits, and make a showing on CMT Pure 12-Pack!

So, Rach, please post and let us know what number Sideways is on CMC TV this week!

DB Congress Chair


  1. Hey Rach, thanks for all the promoting that you do Down Under! I'm sure Dierks will be very proud of you when (and if) he reads these blogs. And Fridays as Sideways Day....I love it!!! Great thinking! :)

  2. Way to go Rach, great work!

  3. Thanks Guys!! I have requested Sideways on Aussie CMC channel and have managed to get it played 11 (eleven times) within 24 hours between the 26 and 27 may!! Best go, back to the voting! Cheers, Rach

  4. Oh and Ronna you were spot on mate! Loungeroom and living room are the same! Isn't this great! Dierks and a cultural education :)