Thursday, November 26, 2009


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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Dierks Bentley Congress friends! I am so thankful for the friendships and the memories. Have a blessed holiday!

To Dierks, Rod, Robbie, Steve and Tim and all the crew--thank you so much for all the beautiful music and memories in 2009!


With all I've got to be thankful for
I should be doing so much more
I know

A Better Believer would look to the skies
And shout "hallelujah" with tears in his eyes
Open his heart and start givin it all away
When I take a hard look at myself
And count my blessings I can't but help
But wonder if there's been some kind of mistake
This life of mine should belong to a better believer

~Dierks Bentley, Rivers Rutherford

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ronna we are all so thankful for all you do to keep the congress strong & close. Hope our favorite guys are happy & home celebrating with their beautiful familes & friends as well as yourself xxo
    all my love