Saturday, November 14, 2009


First Name: Shelby username: shelbylee217
Location: Boston, MA

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley song? Lond Trip Alone

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley album? Modern Day Drifter

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley music video? Come A Little Closer

What led you to be a fan? I was always a fan of country music, BUT when I saw Dierk's video "Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do", those curls and that smile made my jaw drop! Then, I listened to the lyrics and heard - 'the Lord made me hard to handle' - I was like, oh no that song is about me and I was hooked!

"Dierks and his music have impacted my life so much in many ways. When I purchased the Long Trip Alone album, the logo inbetween his first and last name always stuck in my mind. So, I got it tattooed on the back of my neck two years ago! I saw many fans with the same tattoo, but I never thought mine looked like theirs. I treated myself and my boyfriend, Matthew, to our first DRT in Maryland (just weeks before Evie was born. Dierks actually admitted to having a helicopter ready to fly him home that day because his wife was so close to giving birth). It was my very 1st M&G with Dierks in Maryland and this city girl had just driven 10 hours to make it and almost didn't make the time. I WAS LATE!!!! Dierks said it was okay to let me in! I have never been so grateful in my life as that moment! I almost cried because I was so happy! He thanked me for driving all that way and asked why I would get my body tattooed with his logo. Before I could think of an answer, I blurted out "Because I LOVE you", and Dierks said "Oh you are so sweet!". I will never forget that moment as long as I live. Since then, I have met him 3 more times and have been obsessed with everything he is about.

If you ask anyone who knows me from friends, family, to my children - all I speak of is how much Dierks is humble, gorgeous, caring, how sweet he is in person, and how much I follow him and the guys! My children even sing along to every single song in the house and in the car. This past October, I brought my oldest daughter, Maureen, to NYC @ Madison Square Garden to my 4th M&G. My daughter is more obsessed than me now! She constantly asks when are we going to see him and can we give him a hug again! Dierks was so sweet to everyone!! I am a fanatic and my boyfriend signed up for a membership right before our NYC show and won a M&G for himself, and Matthew was ecstatic! I told him that Dierks was the best and for the first time he wasn't jealous of me going on and on about Dierks Bentley! He is hooked now too! I have bumper stickers on my car from Alicia and David (thanks guys). I only listen to Dierks Bentley all the time. I have my 1st autograph framed of a white tank from Hampton Beach when we waited outside well over midnight to get a glimpse of my him! He has signed hats, tickets, pictures, magazines, and has left a spot in my heart only for him. I have met so many great people who love Dierks just as much as I do! I chat with them on facebook and myspace and share pics and stories every day! I think the local radio station has a caller id because they don't answer my phone calls like they used to! But I have bypassed that and request online instead.

My favorite memory would be every single time I have met him and especially when I had a M&G in June in Hartford, CT. Dierks called me Shelly and I almost lost it! Only Dierks could get away with calling me Shelly (I never had the heart or the ignorance to correct him that my name was Shelby)! The time you spend at a M&G is very short but take every second in because not everyone who loves Dierks gets that chance to be as close as you get at a M&G! Also, when he met my daughter in NYC, I will never forget her facial expression! She was so upset when we had to leave the M&G room and go to our seats!! She hasn't stopped talking about him since then, but I reassured her that we will get to see Dierks soon, but he needed some time with his family. She finally understood."

First Name: Geralyn user name: GIGI6598
Location: New Jersey

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley song? Trying To Stop Your Leavin'

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley album? Feel That Fire

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley music video? Settle For A Slowdown

What led you to be a fan? I was watching GMC or CMT and I saw the video for "What Was I Thinkin'" and I was hooked! I loved it and loved him! Just thought that this guy is amazing...

Has Dierks or his music impacted your life in any way? Yes, in many ways. My husband got tickets for us to see Dierks with Brad and Jimmy in Camden, NJ for my birthday. I am pretty sure my husband just got the tickets for me, but after the show he was also a fan. After that show, I just had to see Dierks again, so I got tickets for the MSG show on 10/21 in NY and I was right there in the 7th row waiting with my beer that I bought for Dierks(which I learned at the Camden show), but he went to the other side for the beer that night. I think that Dierks can bring you all over the place with his music - you can be dancing one minute and crying the next. I think his voice is just very soothing and seeing him live is just the best! He is an amazing live entertainer and I can't wait to see him again. After the MSG show I seeked out the DB Congress and wanted to be a part of it.

I am a hairdresser at a salon so if you sit in my chair you are going to ask me about the guy on my mirror along with the pics of my kids and hubby! If you have ears, you probably will hear some Dierks as you are getting beautiful. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and always loved country music (not really a great fit for a Brooklyn girl, but who cares!). So I have always been a fish out of water. Now in NJ, there are more country fans, but still not really enough. So every chance I get I tell people, please give it a chance, even if you don't like country music - listen to Dierks and then tell me you don't like it! Impossible!! Even my son, Andy who is 6 will tell his classmates and friends about you know, Dierks Bentley, he's awesome!

I think the Camden show is my favorite memory because we were walking back to the car and my hubby and I were both humming the same song. Then, we got in the car and the local radio station was playing it too! We had such a great "grown up" date night that night, and after that, my hubby put Dierks' songs from me on his Ipod!

Welcome Shelby(Shelbylee217), Geralyn(GIGI6598), and Leah(leadanielle)! Thanks for supporting our Prez!!
-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep.)


  1. Welcome Shelby, Geralyn and Leah!

    Shelby, I know how you feel. I've met Dierks several times and he knows it's "Ronna" but on the video message to the congress that he filmed with me after LCBV he calls me "Rhonda". I just chalked it up to a long late night for him. See the video on the top right of this blog page ("Click to Play")

    Geralyn, I love that you sought out the DBC after the MSG show! Thank you!

  2. Such great fans, extremely dedicated to our Number one DB!! Congrats Shelby I love that pic of you & dierks, you look so excited and he looks DREAMY!! Dierks is lucky to have you as a fan & friend Shelby, and so am I you are such a wonderful caring heartfelt person. Can't wait for our next New England concert together here's hoping we get M&G at the same time again xxo

  3. Welcome Ladies!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, I love "meeting" new friends aka Dierks fans!

  4. Congrats to our DBC members of the week! :)