Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dierks Bentley's performance in Harris, Michigan left quite an impression on yet another DB Congress representative. And even though, Jenny from Chicago, Illinois (far left above) didn't get a front row ticket like her DRT buddies, she did something a little different and ended up with a new perspective on how Dierks must feel during a performance.

Day One
"I left for Alicia's house Friday AM. Thanks to the bumper to bumper traffic on 294, it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to her house! So then it was Free and Easy Down the Road we go to Harris in Alicia's DRTmobile...WUP!!!

We couldn't write on the windows because of the rain, so all of Alicia's decals were our indication to other drivers that Dierks fans were on board. So we got caught up on what was going on in our worlds while we listened to the radio and Dierks' CD's. It was the first time I had heard Jack Ingram and Dierks singing Barbie Doll together and I loved it.

So, we followed Google Maps through a very foggy highway...then we were directed down some backwoods country roads, where our route was blocked due to construction...thank God for Alicia's GPS...but we really could use our Navigator!!! (that would be an inside joke from our Tinley/Indy DRT with Ronna, see previous blogs) [OK, what have I told you girls time and time again...you should've used AAA TripTik Travel Planner!]

So, we finally reach the casino with plenty of time to spare until Alicia had to pick up her M&G pass. We took a tour of the parking lot. Found the buses and the jeep and took pics of the casino sign with Dierks' name and pic on it. Then we headed to the room for Alicia to get ready for her M&G. We could hear soundcheck from our room and they were doing a lot from FTF.

Alicia had her M&G, and then we went to our seats. We were in the same row, but different sections. I was in the center section row 4. I had on my new DB Congress tee. Dierks and the band started with Sideways. They were pumped and I was on my feet immediately! It was great to see them all again! I got a point from Dierks-thanks to my Congress tee!

I have to say I was disappointed in the crowd. After Sideways, people sat down! I'm like, come on people! This is Dierks! I stood the whole time, was starting to sit down during IWMYCYE, but then figured, forget that! So I stood right back up! I drove too far to sit down and I was only going to sit if Dierks asked us to! So needless to say, the people behind me weren't too thrilled...oh well.

They did a lot from Feel That Fire: Sideways, Life on the Run, Little Heartwrecker, FTF, IWMYCYE, and Better Believer. He did Wish it would Break with Rod and Tim. That was awesome for me as it was the first time I've heard it live. He did So, So long and then his usual hits from his albums.

He paid his respects to the military and their families as he usually does. I was so happy to hear Long Trip Alone since he didn't do it on Brad's tour. That was when they let people rush the stage. I decided to just stay at my spot. Dierks was very interactive with the crowd. He ended the nite with Folsom Prison Blues, and this was my highlight because when he tossed out his guitar pick at the end, it landed right next to me! YAY!!!!

After the show, Alicia and I met up with Tracie and her sister Tina. Dierks was in the same bar as we were for a bit. We admired him from afar--the man deserves to have a few with his dudes, right? Rod hung out with us for a bit and later danced with Alicia to LOLLTD! We all had a blast!

Day Two
The day was spent hanging out then getting ready. Could hear sound check again. Tracie and I had a M&G. We also met up with Stacy and Kristin from the fan club. I had the most fun ever in the M&G waiting line with Tracie, we were cracking each other up. I will have to say that it does seem like the M&G is more rushed than it used to be.

So it's my turn to see Dierks, he reaches out his hand to take mine and says, "nice to see you....again!?!" and that is all it took for my brain to turn to mush! For him to even have the slightest memory of meeting me before just wiped out any connection my brain had to my mouth, lol! I did manage to tell him the last time I saw him was on my Tinley/Indy trip with Ronna, Mona and Alicia. I was able to tell him about the guitar pick I got the night before and he signed it. He also signed my Greatest hits CD by my name, but all that came out of my mouth was, "could you sign my um um um um..." Oh well, once again I vow to make sure my brain functions at my next M&G, lol!

He did chat with the group a bit afterwards. I asked if he had pics of Evie in her Halloween costume, but he didn't have them yet. He again verified that he is headlining next year, at smaller venues. He also has to work on his next album...he said it was something acoustic. I redeemed myself as I asked quite a few questions and made good eye contact! It was over too soon.

Then it was on to the concert. Alicia and Tracie ended up getting front row seats with Tina. I had 5th row. The crowd was livelier. I stood right away and stayed standing! Rod had on these funky glittery shades, furry hat and boa. No one else dressed up.

Here is a pic of Dierks with a funny expression on his face. At that time he was singing the Sideways verse, "But I sure do like your style" and he looked at Rod like that...I was lucky to catch that on film!

The set was pretty much the same. He did sing Sweet And Wild, and this is where the crowd rushed the stage. Rather than head for the crowd, I did something different. I just focused on Dierks and the music. I didn't even take pics, and I have to say it was an awesome experience! You can just see by the look on his face that he loves what he does!

When he sat down for his acoustic set, he sang a few lines from You Hold Me Together. He tried Beautiful World, and forgot the lyrics! He was actually quite funny about it! See Alicia's blog about her front row experiences with this!

They ended the nite with Last Call and we were sad it was over. We did a little after concert partying and then it was our long trip home. Another awesome DRT! I am soooo glad I got to take another trip with Alicia, and finally meet Tracie! Her sister Tina was fun, too. Actually we need to recruit her into the DB Congress. It was also good seeing Stacy and Kristin.

I just have to say how thankful I am to Dierks for his music, his hard work, his AWESOME shows, and for the friendships I have made through his fan club. Dierks holds us together!"


  1. It was indeed an awesome DRT!! We've had 3 amazing ones this year and that's not even including Libertyville! I feel totally blessed with the friendships I have made through Dierks and I can't wait for the next tour girl. I'll make sure the Dierks mobile is ready for the next round of DRTs!!! WUP!!

  2. Jenny, that is such an awesome review! What a blast you ladies had!

  3. Great review! And I like your pictures. The one of Dierks pointing to Rod (was that Rod???) was hilarious!

  4. JC! **Smooch** so glad I finally met you too! I promise Joe's on Weed I am there! Tracie

  5. I am glad you all liked my review :)
    Look forward to DRT's next tour!