Monday, November 9, 2009


A while back, we told you the story of DB Congress Illinois rep, Stacy. Shy, shy, Stacy, who got coaxed by Dierks Bentley to go 'stage diving' into the crowd with him. Now, a few years later, she's on stage with him again! Follow along as we get a little Sideways and try something a little different than a normal blog. Stacy and I had a "chat" on Facebook about her Harris, Michigan DRT. Listen in...

Ronna: So how did you manage to get on stage?
Stacy: I made a sign that said "Came 400 miles to get 'Sideways' onstage" lol

Ronna: OMG! shut up!
Stacy: lol

Ronna: So what did Dierks say?
Stacy: In my m&g or onstage? lol

Ronna: Oh you had a M&G too! Is that where you showed him the sign? Did he invite you to go stage diving again?
Stacy: No no..I made the sign in the bathroom

Ronna : haha so he saw it from the stage and...
Stacy: he didn't! We "watched a movie."

Ronna: I can see that in the pic! So did he just ask you to come up on stage and watch a movie?
Stacy: my sign to everyone and pulled me on the amp and goes "you like movies stace?" lol

Ronna: I love it!
Stacy: It was great!

Ronna: Then what?
Stacy: He starts the intro to What Was I Thinkin', and goes "who is the curly haired dork?" lol and I go "I don't know but he's cute" lol

Ronna: You did not! Good come back line, btw!
Stacy: Did too! lol He just laughed his great laugh we all

Ronna: OMG! Much braver than your last time on stage with D! So tell me about your M&G!
Stacy: This was on the 31st..I was in MI on the 30th though but not for the show. We saw D and some of the guys in the casino later that nite (Fr. the 30th) Wow my m&

Ronna: What did you have signed?
Stacy: My Country Weekly's he was

Ronna: Cool...which one? with Jake or the other?
Stacy: I hid one issue inside the other and go "If you could sign the other one for me too I'd love ya even more" lol. He goes "Of course!"

Ronna: So how did the Q&A portion of the Meet and Greet go?
Stacy: Someone asked him what he dressed up as for Halloween as a kid and he said, "As superheros."

Ronna: Cutest pic ever of Evie in her Yoda costume!
Stacy: Yeah..she's such a cutie! Looks just like Cass!

Ronna: Any other juicy Q&A from the M&G?
Stacy: Sounds like he'll be headlining next year! Said he plans to play smaller venues! :)

Ronna: YEAH!
Stacy: I about

Ronna: I am turning XX on March 4 and so hoping for a show on that date. I told hubby even if it was Australia I was going to see Dierks ON my bday!
Stacy: Heck yeah!! I'm hoping he'll be in the area around my bday in Jan.!

Ronna: That would be the ultimate!
Stacy: Oh yeah!

Ronna: So any other Q&A hilights?
Stacy: None that I can remember...unfortunately we were kinda rushed because of radio people behind us :(

Ronna: Dang those radio winners...they prob don't even know who he is!
Stacy: I know!

Ronna: On the other hand, maybe they don't but become fans because of his awesome M&G skills...haha

Ronna: So back to the did that happen?...did he help you up on stage?
Stacy: The stage was small so I was able to pull myself

Ronna: So he read your sign and he said to you....what?
Stacy: He reads it and just smiles at Then when we were able to go up to the stage I held it up one more time to remind him and he smiles again and points at

Ronna: One more kiss from my baby, a smile from a friend...
Stacy: :) So when I'm up there he goes "Where's your sign?" So I give it to him and he reads it to everyone and goes "Well, since I already did 'Sideways', do you like movies Stace?"

Ronna: So he pointed to you and motioned for you to climb up on the stage?
Stacy: Just pointed at me then came over to me and grabbed my hand and started to pull me

Ronna: O_M_G! Did you freak out? No, never've been on stage before...old hat to you! lol
Stacy: lol..I freaked! I was thinking to myself "Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?" lol So we sit on his amp and start watching "the movie" lol Then when it was over he goes "I gotta go Stace!" I go "Ok!" then back to the front

Ronna: HOW COOL! And people wonder why we go to his shows again and again and again... it's a different experience every time!
Stacy: I know!

Ronna: I don't know if I could've thought of a response on the fly like that! At least not a clever one like you!
Stacy: For some reason I was on at that

Ronna: I would've probably said "Duh--that's you Dierks" LOL
Stacy: How I managed to think straight, I'll never

Ronna: Aha! I just thought of a cool title for the blog....What Was SHE Thinkin?
Stacy: LOL! I like it!

A little later after this chat, Stacy sends me an email with all these pictures. Wait! She didn't tell me about any of this! What?

Ronna: OMG your m&g pic is so awesome! So tell me about the "Dierks" name on the truck, and is the Kristin Toon in the pic with you? And is she dressed as Dierks for Halloween?

Stacy: lol..Yeah that's Kristin with me! And she didn't dress up as D for Halloween but her boyfriend did! She was just playing around with the And the "Dierks" truck was seriously just along side us on the highway! It looks like it's a food I flipped when I saw it and was like "Kristin look!!" So we had to take

*EDIT 11/13/09: Adding a few pics from Kristin (DBC rep in Illinois) ....
Stacy, Kristin and "Dierks"(aka Dave, rep name J3alz, Kristin's boyfriend in cosutme):

Dave and the real Dierks at the M&G on 10-31-09 (yes Dave is still wearing the costume!):

This is some random was her birthday...check out her hand-made shirt!:

I know this blog was a little different, so what were YOU thinkin'?


  1. Hmmmm...who took that awesome picture of Stage Dive and Dierks on stage...LOL. It was a great moment. That whole show was freakin' fantastic!!

  2. Wow, how great! And I like the truck with Dierks name on it. What is the company ...Food Services?

  3. Wow! That's all I can say! WOW!!!!

  4. Thanks a million Alicia! :) And I agree, the most freakin' fantastic show ever!!

  5. Awesome, Stacy!!! Was so glad to be there to see it live!

  6. Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Dierks experience!