Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Most people think fan clubs are for ladies only. But Kentucky DB Congress rep, David, is definitely a guy, who can't live down all the teasing us ladies dole out. Hey I might be making me a reputation of going my own way and I can't live it down.

Daughter Mallory is David's pride and joy, but when she turned him on to Dierks' music, it became his inspiration. "What Dierks has done for me is created a very strong bond between my daughter and I. It's a common thing that we have together which always gives us something to talk about. It allows us to communicate every day...and that is priceless."

David is a huge DB Congress supporter and is constantly coming up with new ideas. He "hand made" a large DBC banner to fly high in the sky in concert parking lots. Yes, ladies, he actually threaded the bobbin and sewed the edges!

And if you are looking to promote Dierks on your car window, here is a pic of the "Congress Cling." He would love to send one to any congress member who wants to display it. Like Tara's bracelets they are free! It's not about the money, he declares, "it's about spreading the word of Dierks Bentley, his music, and the DB Congress!" To order the DBC window cling, email David with your mailing address at david.m915@googlemail.com.


  1. David, you rock!!!

  2. Hey thanks LeeAnn! The banner was flying high in the air again last night in Charleston,WV.
    Got lots of comments!