Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Obviously, the Academy of Country Music was NOT thinking about all of Dierks Bentley's outstanding achievements in 2009.

~Feel That Fire - the CD - debuts at #1
~Feel That Fire - the single reaches #1
~Sideways becomes seventh #1 single
~Dierks COVERS Country Weekly (April 13 & September 21)
~Dierks COVERS American Songwriter magazine MAY-JUNE!
~Dierks for charity: St. Judes, Nashville4Africa, Miles & Music 4 Kids
~Dierks performs for George Strait - Artist of the Decade show
~Received CMT International Artist Achievement Award
~People magazine (Country) names Dierks 1 of only 12 Country's Hottest Guys
~Awarded a CMT Music Award for Country Boy w/AJ, GS & BP

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for TOP MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR? Darius is great and he and DB are buds, but Dierks deserved that 5th spot.

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley's Feel That Fire for ALBUM OF THE YEAR? He stretched his vocals to new levels with FTF, debuting the album at #1, two number one singles (FTF and Sideways, one #2 single (I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes). Really? What's it gonna take?

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR? It's not like they had to stop at 5 nominees--there are 8--and it's fan voted. Bentley belts out his hits and bounces all over the stage every single night, engaging the crowd from front row to the rafters. He's like the energizer bunny--he's MY Entertainer of the Decade!

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for SONG OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Composer(s)/Publisher(s)/Artist(s)]. Cowboy Cassanova? Really? Compared to the #1 Feel That Fire? Too bad Beautiful World wasn't released as a single--should have been Song of the Year.

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley and Patty Griffin's Beautiful World for VOCAL EVENT OF THE YEAR opting instead for Seeing Stars (Jack Ingram featuring Patty Griffin). No offense to Jack, but Beautiful World was so much more impactful and it was nominated for a Grammy!

What were you thinkin', db congress when you DIDN'T hear or read Dierks' name among the list of nominees?

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DB Congress Chair


  1. I agree with you completely. This is a great article. It kinda had me a little choked up at the end. Thanks Ronna.

  2. This is sad that Dierks has no nominations. They are not treating Dierks fairly.

  3. I was ticked off when I didn't hear his name and Beautiful world is so much better than seeing stars. and Darius over Dierks I mean come ON!!! I emailed tha acm's and let them know my frustration.

    Alacia :)

  4. no nomination is frustrating... I agree- Darius over Dierks is wrong. Dierks should have been nominated and we all know that!

  5. and to add to my above comment, it really bothers me that you see the same people over and over and over again getting the nominations and awards. It's like they don't ever want to recognize anybody else for their accomplishments,,, its just wrong