Sunday, March 21, 2010


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What are the odds that three people would have so much in common? DB Congress reps, sftballgrl_04 Stephanie (DBC Historian), brockmeb Bonnie, and kimberlymo Kim, all are big Dierks Bentley fans, they all live in Missouri within hours of each other and they all have a birthday in March! Steph and Bonnie are celebrating today, March 21 and Kim's birthday is Tuesday, March 23!

I have had the pleasure of meeting all three of these ladies through various Dierks events. Originally, we all met via the Community but met in person at Last Call Ball and the Opry when Dierks was performing. Their common interest and geographic locale affords them many DRTs (Dierks Road Trips) together, since DB frequently tours in the midwest.

It's amazing how one common interest -- Dierks -- brings us together and holds us together.

Have a happy birthday, Steph, Bonnie and Kim! Hope your day is as special as you are!



  1. I too have met all 3 people and want to wish them a very happy birthday also. Yes, Dierks has brought a lot of us together over the years.

  2. Happy Birthday to you all!!!!