Saturday, March 20, 2010


Dierks Bentley will perform at Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC on May 21. He called the Tanner in the Morning WSOC 103.7 radio show to talk about his new bluegrass album and his up coming stop in their city. I know DBC rep, Carrie is looking forward to that date!

Listen here:

Dierks on his new bluegrass album « WSOC 103.7

Interesting Tim and Steve will join Dierks and the Travelin' McCoury's, but Robbie and Rod will sitting this tour out?!


  1. Robbie is now with Brooks and Dunn. I guess if we pay attention we will see Rod with someone else as well. I guess the band of brothers are no longer together. It wont be the same seeing other people up there once this bluegrass tour is over.

  2. That's wierd considering B&D are done after this last good-bye tour. Yes it won't be the same, I guess I choose to believe D and Robbie and Rod are all better friends than to just split for good. The TLB sound is perfectly tuned.

  3. I swear he said in that interview that Tim and *Robbie* would be with him this summer, as well as the Travelin' McCourys. Granted it was 7:15 in the morning and I was just waking up! Because I remember clapping. Haha. But I guess it's Tim and *Steve.* Carrie's ears: *fail*

    But YES! VERY EXCITED about May 21st! And April 29th! (And maybe April 30th! Hee!) And fingers are crossed for M&G. Naturally, I'll share my experiences. :D

  4. Since Robbie went on B&D's tour it would seem it was maybe D's decision to change the band up. Sad to see it go........