Friday, July 3, 2009


Wanna hear the main ingredient to the song, Sideways? Or, what song gets daughter Evie 'violently happy'? What prank did Kenny play on Dierks that backfired? Does Dierks follow the charts? What does he think of the Zach Brown Band? Answers to all these questions and more on the CCUSA website, where Dierks co-hosted with Lon Helton this week!

July 4-5: Dierks Bentley co-hosts our 4th of July edition of the Countdown. He just won a CMT Music Award for his performance with Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and George Strait. Dierks has great connections with all three. He says Alan's music inspired him to move to Nashville. He is currently on the road with Brad Paisley. And it was while he was on tour with George Strait that he reconnected with the woman who is now his wife. Those stories and more this week.

Dierks on how Alan Jackson influenced him HERE

Dierks on a joke Kenny Chesney played on him HERE

Dierks on how George Strait influenced him HERE

Dierks updates us on his baby girl Evie HERE

Dierks on a guys night out with John Rich HERE

Dierks says he once stalked Alan Jackson HERE

Dierks on his love of little white tank tops HERE

Dierks on Evie's favorite new song HERE


  1. I don't know where you get this info, but I'm glad you do, I would have totally missed it, thanks for posting the links!

  2. These don't seem to work on my computer - guess I need to go visit someone with a fast internet connection.

  3. Thanks for that interview! It was great to hear it.

  4. Loved listening to these clips Ronna. I would have probably missed them on Sunday. Thanks for finding this and posting it.