Monday, July 20, 2009


We got over to the arena parking lot about 10:30am Saturday morning. I’ve known ever since I found out about the show and got tickets exactly where I’d be waiting the day out. ..Under a small tree with enough shade over near the buses! When we got there, Dierks’ two buses and the jeep were there and his trucks were unloading the equipment for the stage..Hank’s buses were already there as well.

I can’t remember if the security guy was already there or if he came later, but he came over to us and said if we’re waiting to see Hank that he wouldn’t be there until 8:30 that night. We quickly told him that we were there to see Dierks, but sure..seeing Hank is kind of a plus. He said that he had seen Dierks before from working at a local show when Dierks came to the area a few years back. And of course I knew the one he was talking about..I was there! Haha. He said he liked Dierks, but just wasn’t too crazy about the “Sideways” video because it didn’t seem like Dierks with the break dancing and all. The guy said that he’s the one that would walk Dierks in the arena later. We showed him my pics from where I had seen Dierks last month and I about doubled over laughing after he left because he said “Man, he’s got some blue eyes don’t he?!” LMAO!

I first spotted Tim go into the arena and I hollered at him and he looked over and waved! Not much later he came back out and was going towards the bus until I motioned him over! He asked how we were and noticed my LWTT and said “’04!”. And what did he have in his hand?..none other than a Diet Coke lol. The last couple of times I’ve had the chance to meet him, he has had a Diet Coke in his hand and it ends up being in the pics lol. Of course only I would notice something like that haha. I asked if we could get a pic with him and he said sure. I think Momma asked where Dierks was and he said he was at the gym and that he’d be around! Again, go figure…I could’ve almost told you that! So he told us to have a great time and to enjoy the show and he went back to the bus. :)
Really from then on out, there was always somebody going in and out of the arena and the security coming over to chat for a few lol. (At least he was friendly..and liked Dierks!) I saw someone that I swore was Rod…he had that blonde hair just like him and a ball cap on, so I yelled his name and he said “Hey”, but kept on going. Then I saw him later and motioned for him to come over but he didn’t. And later that night I found out that it wasn’t Rod lol. I felt so stupid after I found out, but I’ll never see that guy again thank goodness…so I’ll be a little less embarrassed. But he shouldn’t have messed with my mind to thinking he was Rod lol. Oh well.. But I think I only saw Rod a couple of times when he was with Dierks. When I saw Dierks the first time he was texting or doing something on the Blackberry and when I yelled at him he didn’t look even look up, but I know they had to do whatever they had to first. About 20 mins later Steve and Rod came out to go to the bus and Rod was fixing to run after Steve to throw a water bottle at him! Wish I could have taken a pic of that or vid, but it happened too quick lol. And no, Rod didn’t throw the bottle, so no one was harmed. Haha!

There were people talking and carrying on over on the other side where the trucks back up to unload stuff, but we couldn’t see them. We heard someone talking kinda loud and I froze and me and Momma both thought it sounded like Dierks! So we got very quiet to listen carefully. You know how he says “UP!” during the beginning of F&E? Well that’s pretty much exactly the only thing I heard him say and I said “Yeah, that’s him!” Believe me, I know his voice when I hear it..even if I can’t see him lol! Momma decided to leave for a few mins, but I told her she better not be gone long and said that he’ll probably come out whenever you’re gone. She was not gone for maybe 3 mins and I saw him come out! I couldn’t even say anything. All I could do was motion him to come over and he did! I told him that the gate was unlocked and I went to open it for him lol! He instantly greeted me with one of those great hugs and asked how I was. Then, one of the first things I mentioned was my truck and pointed it out. He walked over to it and LOVED that I had the new SIDEWAYS & DBC stickers on there that Alicia had sent! He said he had to get a pic of it for Twitter! So I thought he wanted a pic of him with the truck in the background so I started to reach out for his phone and he said “No, get over here!”, or something like that.

Dierks took this pic from his Blackberry & here's the message he added with it: “hanging with amanda...long time hard core ya.”

I had an envelope and he asked me what I had and I told him they were my 8x10 pics from Bham for him to sign. I went over to my chair to get my marker and I had a few other things for him to sign. He saw my little pile on the ground in front of my chair and asked me if I wanted him to sign it too and I told him that he could if he didn’t mind and he said “No, not at all”, so he knelt down to start signing. I had a couple of magazines that had articles about him. I had the CW from 2007 where it talks about the DVD and he was trying to find the front cover to find out which mag it was and neither one of us could because I have had it folded to that page for soo long lol. But I had looked earlier that morning so I told him which one it was. And I FINALLY got my DBC shirt signed! I had a poster on my wall from the T.W.O. tour from Birmingham, AL last year and a couple of nights ago I happened to think about it and pulled it down and put it in my little pile lol. Now, it’s back up on the wall! Momma had a shirt that she wanted him to sign, but I completely forgot about it. Since she wasn’t there and no one else was around I didn’t get a pic taken with my camera, so thank goodness he decided to take a Twitpic! Lol. We hugged again and said he’d be back out soon since my Momma wasn’t there to see him. Then as he was walking to the bus, he turned around and asked me if I had a m&g for the show and asked me where our seats were. I told him that I had used the m&g for Birmingham last month and we had 6th row, but of course I always want as close as I can possibly get to the stage lol. Momma of course came back AFTER he left. She got mad at me for not getting him to sign her shirt lol. I really couldn’t help it, and told her if she had it in my pile that he would have signed it then! Lol. I had my settings on Twitter for updates to be sent to my phone. A few mins after Dierks had left, I had gotten a text. I saw that it was from Twitter, and it was the pic that he had taken of us by my truck! I was so excited to see it, but couldn’t tell that well since it showed up so small on my phone. But what really got me all teary eyed is the message he put with it: “hanging with amanda...long time hard core ya.” Because there’s really only a small handful of artists that would do something like that for their fans, and that had already made my day by him doing just that! It was sooo sweet! The security guy came over for a minute and asked, “Did he give you any lovin?!” I said he gave me some major lovin'! haha!

Remember when I told you that the security guy told us that Hank wouldn’t be there until 8:30pm?? Well, idk what time it was, but I think it had to be about 2pm or something, but we heard Hank do his soundcheck and it sounded good! I know he sang “All My Rowdy Friends” and I got excited! I head a woman singing with him, and couldn’t figure out why there would be a woman singing.

Then, Dierks went back in the arena and as he did he looked to see if we were there and waved! Hehe! Momma didn’t see him and she didn’t know what I was doing lol. Probably about 15-20 mins later he came back out and he held up his finger to say that he’d be just a minute. Well not much longer he and Rod pulled up in the jeep! He signed Momma’s shirt and she asked if we could get a pic by the jeep. He was on the “inside” of the fence and I don’t think he was too sure if we should come through that way because security might would say something..idk. But I should’ve told her to just hush because I didn’t get a pic with my camera then either, but it’s perfectly fine after the Twitpic. He said that they’ve got a couple of quick things they had to do and they’d come around to the parking lot. So we waited and waited…doors opened at 6:30pm and they never did show. We watched and watched to see if we could spot that little green jeep…you wouldn’t believe it…we saw about 4 other jeeps that was like his, but only different colors lol. And I finally saw it, but it kept going straight instead of turning towards the arena. A few mins later I got a text and it was from Twitter again and wouldn’t you know Dierks and Rod were on a “quest” to find Elvis’ Birthplace lol. If I had known they were going to do that, then I could have showed them where it was. It’s only a mile or so away from the arena. I was honestly thinking about it for a good few weeks that maybe I should mention that, but Momma said that he’s probably already seen it, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. DIERKS - NEXT TIME YOU COME BACK TO TUPELO (HOPEFULLY YOU’LL BE HEADLINING THE ARENA - I'VE ALREADY SENT YET ANOTHER EMAIL TO TODD, THE OWNER) I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE AND SHOW YOU ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE..ABOUT 5 MINS FROM THE ARENA! ACTUALLY I’LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO BE THE GUIDE AT ANY SHOW IF YOU’LL LET ME! AND I’M SERIOUS LOL!

So now it was about time for doors to open at 6:30pm. The radio stations were there doing things, and one of them had a wheel and if you landed on one of the spots that had their teeny-tiny logo, then you would win m&g with Dierks and if you landed a bigger logo you would win a cd. We waited on a few other people to spin the wheel and then we tried. I missed the m&g by one space, and then Momma just completely missed it haha! But then two women tried after us and the second one got the m&g, and I think that was the last one they had because they pulled the little sticker off. I thought it would be funny if I had actually won a m&g after Dierks asked me earlier if I had one lol. We went in a little bit after doors opened and I easily got my camera in AND used it the whole show with no problems!

I hated that we weren’t on front row. I got 6th row through the pre-sale on Ticketmaster. Not many people would complain about such good seats, but when public gets better seats than what was offered during a pre-sale, then I think something just doesn’t seem right. You would think pre-sale would have the absolute best seats, but from the ones I talked to who did pre-sale the best anyone got was 5th row. One of my friends, who I’ve met through other shows, told me the other day that she had front row and center! I thought she was joking because she knows how much I love Dierks and knows how I am about shows. Not long after we found our seats, I saw her with someone and then I knew she wasn’t’ joking after all. I went up to talk to them for a little bit. She said that she figured if anyone was going to be on front row that it was going to be me lol. They really were front and center and I was jealous. I kept my ticket on me, but usually they’ll just check at the entrance to the floor and they did. There were security guys up front, but they really could care less and they didn’t check tickets or anything. There were 3 seats just a few down from the center and no one had come there yet to claim their seats. I stayed with her and her friend for a bit and talked until the one’s they were with came in and then I went and sat at one of the empty chairs during the opening act. Then, this one security guy who seemed to be over all of the others asked to see my ticket. He told me that I had to go back, so I did. Before Dierks came out I went up to that guy and pretty much begged him if I could stay up there until someone came to that seat. I told him I really wanted to be there during Dierks and didn’t care if I was that much for Hank…although I thought that it would be nice to still stay up there lol. He told me that he wasn’t saying that I could, but actually in a way he was. I told him that I really didn’t want to get in trouble and that I would go back if that person claimed their seat. I thanked him a few times for letting me stay. Then, when Dierks came out and came over to my side and saw me - I think he was kind of surprised to see that I had gotten on front lol.
I knew I was excited now for sure, but was looking around a lot to see if any one was coming for their front row seat. I just knew they’d show up, but they never did and I don’t know why, but lucky for me they didn’t! I got lots of lovin’ from Dierks throughout the show and actually from all of the guys! I think I was the only one down there that he actually knew. I got plenty of finger points and a lot of eye contact from the Dude! Tim even smiled and gave a little wave at me, Steve looked over and smiled a couple of times, and Robbie even made a lot of eye contact with me.

They all looked great and were having a good time! Dierks really didn’t have a lot of space to run around though…it was just an end stage so no catwalks. He did come over to my side a lot and with that new lens I got – amazing! I could instantly tell a big difference between it and my basic 18-55mm. I’m glad I decided to get it, but the only reason I got it in time for this show was because of our 6th row seats. I never thought I’d be able to stay on front like I did. Some times when Dierks would come over near me he was too close and I had to try to back up lol.

I was excited to see them bring a couple of stools out and I thought they were going to do the bluegrass part, but it was just him and Rod on the stools singing “My Last Name” and the first part of “Long Trip Alone” acoustic. I was so happy to hear them sing MLN because I really can’t remember the last time I’ve seen them do that one live. I definitely cried the whole time during MLN and half way through LTA. Then, after a couple more songs, we all watched a “movie.” The “What Was I Thinkin’” “movie” haha! That just kills me every time! It’s too cute how he does that! So he came over in front of me and sat on the speakers. He had two of the blue Bud Light’s, and I KNEW that he was going to give one to somebody so I thought…why not me?! I really don’t drink beer. I just wanted it for the bottle because it came from the show and knew that’d be a keepsake! I reached out for it, and he kind of waited a few seconds and finally gave it to me!

I really didn’t want to drink it, but there was no where I could pour it out, so the only thing I could do was drink it. He even had popcorn and some girl reached and got her some…I couldn’t though with the beer in one hand and my camera in the other lol. And it was hard for a few mins to take pics with just one hand and my other hand was about to freeze because that bottle was waaay cold! I had to sit it down a couple of times to get the feeling back into my hand lol. After he sang WWIT, it was all over :( I wanted a set list soo bad because I’ve never gotten one of Dierks’. I’ve gotten one of Rod’s a couple years ago, but when I did get the chance to get Dierks’ last month..the guy wadded it up and then threw it out. I’m thinking…who does that?!...and thought it was stupid. But I yelled at Jay to get me a set list, but he threw me one of Robbie’s picks, which he gave me plenty of last show lol. I wanted a set list dangit! Well, there was other crew helping trying to move all of the equipment off stage and I finally got someone’s attention and I got a couple of set lists! I think one was actually Dierks’ and I know the other one was Robbie’s!

I heard a lot of people saying really good things about Dierks after his performance! They went on and on about how good he was!

Plenty of love from all of the guys during the show, a pick, set lists, and a DL&C from the Dude himself! What else could a girl ask for?! I had an amazing time during the show! Dierks definitely knows how to make a girl feel special! When he came over to me before the show was more than enough for me!

I really don’t know what more I can say after everything I said on my last review about Dierks and everyone. I’m pretty much speechless. THANK YOU DIERKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT DAY & SHOW! LOVE YA!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep)


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  7. Wow Amanda once again I felt like I was right there with u....giggling & waving people over to say hi. It's funny that you still freeze up for a minute when the "dude" comes around even though you've been with DB a bazillion times. The best keepsake of the night most def. is the twitter pic. I couldn't believe how cool that was when I saw it!!!
    Great review you rock :)

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