Friday, July 17, 2009

DBC MEMBER OF THE WEEK - Bloomgirl79(Erin)

Erin is from Toledo, OH and has been a fan since Dierks first came out on the radio with WWIT.
"Before I even knew anything about Dierks, that song just hooked me on his music. Then I started learning more and more about Dierks as an artist and person and I just fell in love. He's the most down to earth, unpretentious, fan friendly artist around and he makes it a pleasure to be a fan."

Erin just ordered her DBC decal, and can't wait to put it on her car! She votes for Dierks every day on CMT and she calls the local radio station to request his current singles.
"I always vote for Dierks whenever he's up for any kind of fan voted award or recognition. I tell all my friends how amazing he is and have had two of them to sign up for the FC so far this year. I took one of my friends to her very first Dierks concert this year and she also fell in love!"
"I sing Dierks' praises at the top of my lungs to anyone who will listen (and even some who don't). I sell off my personal belongings in order to be able to buy concert tickets and travel to see him. I stand out in the torrential rain, freezing cold, humidity or blistering sun for a chance to meet him before his shows!"

So Erin, what is your favorite DB:
*music video? Settle For A Slowdown
*song? Settle For A Slowdown
*album? Long Trip Alone

Welcome and thanks Karissa and our other new DBC reps:
EricaWV - West Virginia
lcat - Kentucky

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep)


  1. Yea!! this site!!

  2. Welcome to all the new reps! :)

  3. Erin you sound just like me!! Welcome to the Congress!

  4. Way to promote Erin! Great job. And Settle is my favorite song also - love it!!
    Welcome new reps. Yay another KY rep!!

  5. Welcome Erin!!Cool shirt you are wearing!