Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I remember my first time meeting Dierks like a video in my mind. Three hours into the 2004 CMA Music Festival (Fan Fair) autograph line for Dierks Bentley, the waiting was coming to a close and my friend and I were the last few people to meet him. What Was I Thinking was not just the name of his soon to be #1 song, but a 'constant question poundin in my brain'--what possessed me to wait this long for a fairly new, curly haired cutie?

I stepped up, "Hi, I'm Ronna."
"Hi, I'm Dierks (like we didn't know). Thank ya'll so much for waiting."

What? No-thank YOU, dude, for staying! And thus began my Dierks-fan-for-life commitment.

Now, GAC is asking fans to vote on their favorite "first" videos from their favorite artists. What Was I Thinkin' is among the nominees!

There are over 60 music videos to choose from, so we need your help to get WWIT to the Top 20 where it belongs! Vote Daily here!

Voting ends August 10, 2009. The final countdown based on YOUR VOTES will air on GAC August 26th at 8 p.m. ET! The countdown will re-air on GAC all the way through the month of September!

*HINT: You can vote for up to 10 videos, but don't! Just submit WWIT only! That will help our chances!


  1. I have been voting daily!
    Ronna love your 'first'

  2. its one of my many daily votes for dierks :)
    haha"hi, i'm dierks" thats funny :P