Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, we already know the fantastic news this week! Dierks got his 7th #1 hit with "Sideways," and I don't know about you, but I am so happy to see all our hard work pay off!

I did some research the last few nights about the Billbo
ard Hot Country Songs chart and how it's compiled, and learned that it's based on audience size, rather than airplay. That explains not only how "Sideways" is #1 this week, but also how "Out Last Night" was #1 last week -- even though "Whatever it Is" was the most-played song on Country Radio until today. ("Sideways" is, now! WOOHOO! 9,378 plays!)

So, now that I am armed with that knowledge, hopefully my updates will be a bit more authentic, informative, and correct for you all going forward.

Now the question becomes, can he make it 2 weeks in a row? It's difficult these days, but it can be done (Brad Paisley, I'm looking at you). Let's keep it up and if I find a street date for the next single before it's released to or elsewhere, I will let you know!

Going to Daytona this weekend for the race and the 4th, so no update from me. I hope everybody has a great holiday weekend! I will leave you with this, which I found in Country Aircheck last night ...

~ Carrie (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter from NC)


  1. Thanks, Carrie! 9378, huh? I think we need an even 10,000 air plays next week--that oughta do it to earn top spot 2 weeks in a row! Love the "Sideways" congrats banner!

    Daytona! That's my neck of the woods! Well--3 hours from me, but I grew up on that side of Florida! I went to the Bud Shoot Out there in Feb. (to see D); hubby went to see the race--go figure.

  2. I was at Bristol once on my birthday, and was sitting in the stands, and every so often could hear what sounded like Dierks ... and yeah, he was there. *sigh* Oh well. I am VERY excited to go to Daytona -- it's my first race there. HUGE NASCAR fan. I would have LOVED to go to the Bud Shootout in February. Instead I watched it from a sports bar on my hubby's birthday!

    I'm actually thinking Sideways can extend it's reign to next week, too. ZBB's new single comes out next week ... we could definitely make it 2 in a row! Hey now, here we go ... again! :)

  3. Thanks Carrie for the research and update. Hoping the Dude will make it two weeks in a row. Have fun at the race and drive safe. Hey wait, that didn't sound right....have a great time at the race and safe travels to you!! :)

  4. Just checked the CMC aussie charts. Dierks is holding fast at no 2. Dolly Parton has jumped to no 1 with backyards barbie. Cmon Aussies, lets get voting!!