Thursday, August 18, 2011

Radio Roundup: Dierks Bentley On Air Interviews with K-FROG, WQYK, KSON

Is Dierks Bentley starting a new clothing line? Maybe Rock-N-Roll Booty Jeans? Dierks talks about the famous Jake, and the definition of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Booty with The Frogmen.  Special thanks to their producer Kelli Green for tweeting DB Congress with the link!  Oh, and look!  They even have a flag in their logo--look familiar?

Hey @dbcongress the @frogmenshow talked to Dierks this AM. Check it out! @KFROGRadio"

Click here to hear Dierks Talks to The Frogmen of K-FROG in California.  Also, don't miss these 20 awesome photos and Facts about Dierks from K-FROG.


Radio interviews continue with WQYK 99.5's Dave, Chuck, Veronica and Cledus, where Dierks talks about his little weiner. Get your mind out of the gutter.  We're talking about his little dog named George. He also talks about how he wrote “Am I The Only One” and performing it on the road. And now that he’s married with kids with a song like that topping the charts, Cledus T. Judd was curious if his party days are over.  Listen to the interview here.


John & Tammy Best Of - KSON-FM, San Diego, CA spoke with Dierks about his Camero catching on fire, his -7-year-old jeans, his girls going camping; Evie being generous and kind, and performing after the Padres game this Saturday 8/20.  Click here to listen.

Did your radio station interview Dierks?  Tell us about it so we can share!  Post which stations you have requested Am I The Only One today and who played it for you!  One 3 more day 'til #1!

Hit that campaign trail hard, congress!

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