Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dierks Gives DB Congress Props In Chat With US1035

US1035's Catfish and Launa in Tampa, FL talked to Dierks Bentley this morning and they played Domestic, Light and Cold--which Dierks admitted was never a single, but would be a good fit for the set list of the upcoming Country and Cold Cans Tour. 

Dierks talked about his thoughts being with the families of the fans killed in Indiana.  Launa asked if he makes the decision to go on stage with pending bad weather and Dierks said, " singers want to get out there...our fans are here, they paid money, they wait all day long, we wanna get out there and at least play two or three songs."

They compared Catfish's old car to Big White--Dierks' old truck with 196,000  miles.  The bus on the other hand is 50,000 miles shy of a million miles--we're gonna have a big million-mile party for the bus.

But my favorite part was the huge DB Congress shout out!
"...I go out to these shows and they're all out there with their [DB Congress] shirts on and the congress--I call the fan club the congress--I figure if you're part of the fan club, you spent money to be in the fan club your voice should be heard louder than the others so I listen to what they have to say and they really give me good advice and good support over the years..."

 Listen to the podcast here:


  1. He's the best. Just ... the best.

  2. wow. could he be any more amazing?! that just made all the effort we put in well worth it... that's all it took! :-)

  3. We all love you and your music...thanks for giving us a shout out! Becky aka beckysrosecottage DB Congress Delaware Rep