Saturday, August 13, 2011

DB shows some love for Canada

Dierks Bentley performed on Friday night at the Queen City Ex. Bentley last came to Regina in 2009.
Dierks performs in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canadian Dierks fans were thrilled to have him back after his last show in Regina almost two and a half years ago (with Brad Paisley, 2/09).  It's obvious that Saskatchewan loves Dierks and he returns the feeling.

For those die-hard Bentley fans in attendance, and it appeared there were thousands in that category, the 15-song, 75-minute set certainly met their expectations.  It was obvious that Bentley was enjoying the evening and he wasn't shy about chatting up the audience.  A frequent visitor to Canada from the early days of his career, Bentley admitted he still gets nervous going through customs.
"Going through customs is always interesting...Even though I've been up here lots, I still get a little when they asked me today, 'What are you doing up here?' I told them I was coming to play some country music and drink some cold beer."
Bentley also provided another reason he enjoys coming to Canada.
"It's nice to be in a part of the world where I can admit I'm a hockey fan and a hockey player and not have the people look at me like I've got three heads." 
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It appears that Dierks' ice-loving Canadian fans make him feel right at home when he travels north of the border, eh!

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