Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dierks Bentley's New Album To Be Released February 2012

K102's Wake Up Crew (Muss and Donna) followed DB Congress on Twitter and tweeted us the link to their 8-minute interview with our prez-Dierks Bentley.  He talks about the Sugarland stage collapse, Blake and Miranda's wedding and the fact that the new album won't be released until next February--2012! 

"I have another single I really want to put out before I release the record...kinda wanna put out two songs that kinda reflect both sides of me and my music...one that's up tempo, fun and just a rowdy party song, and this next one called "Home" speaks a lot about current events and our country and it's a really special song to me, and I want to wait until it has a chance to do well at radio before we put out the album, so it's gonna be February."
Well, Dierks, if we can get "Home" to #1 before February, will you release the album sooner?  We can do it, right, congress?


  1. Well. That's a PR response if I ever heard one. Sigh.

    I just feel like something else is going on here. Meh.

  2. i agree, Carrie. I'm new to all this but started to think a few months ago that something was up. maybe capitol not happy with the original material for the album. or Dierks decided he wasn't. must be hard for an artist to try to follow up on the ridge with stuff radio would like. harriett