Monday, August 8, 2011

Feature DB Congress Rep of the Week: Shelley From Oklahoma

The first time I heard Dierks on the radio, he was singing, "Come A Little Closer." I thought to myself, "Wow, listen to that gorgeous, raspy voice!" Right then, I was completely hooked! I love how Dierks has that little raspy-ness in his voice, but totally smooth all at the same time!

I've been around music my whole life and there's just something about 'that kind of voice' that will melt me every single time! So, I ran out and bought every CD that Dierks had out on the market! As I listened to more of his music, I realized just how many of his songs related to different situations in my life. An artist can 'sound great' singing/playing music, but a true artist can open others up to 'feel' their story.

For example, when I heard "Come A Little Closer," I could 'feel' what he was singing about because I was missing my husband (of 15 years now) so badly, but due to his occupation, he was having to live more than 4 hours away. But still yet, I could 'feel' the longing to be close to my husband, through this song. There are SO many songs that Dierks has recorded that I can relate like that to. He can speak to you through his lyrics and make you 'feel' his music all at the same time....thus making a true artist.

I was so completely overwhelmed by him and his music that I told myself, next time he's either in Oklahoma or a neighboring state, I've GOT to go see his show! Well, that time finally came and my husband had gotten to move back home. So both of us went! We drove 6-7 hours to Winfield, Kansas to see Dierks! We got lost in OKC and lost time trying to get to his show!

We finally made it but we were still running about 45 minutes later than what we wanted to be! Not only this, but there was a huge mix-up with some meet & greets, so the coordinator said he would make sure we were taken care of! So he tells me if I could make it to a certain area of the show grounds within 15-20 minutes, he would get us in to meet Dierks. We missed him by 5-10 minutes! Talk about heartbreaking! BUT, since we didn't make it in time, the coordinator let us in Dierks show VIP, right next to the catwalk!

I was absolutely star-struck and I was next to Heaven that night! I had my husband back home and we were together watching Dierks in concert for the first time in reach of the stage! WOW! I cried because I had such a dynamic night! Got lots of pics and my husband and I even rode a mechanical bull that night.  So now, every time we hear Dierks singing "Feel That Fire" we get really tickled!

I didn't get a hi-5 from Dierks that night, but I did at the next show we went to in Tulsa at 'The Joint/Hard Rock Cafe" last November! I'll never forget it! Dierks was singing the second chorus of "Settle For A Slowdown" going into the bridge of the song! That might not sound like a big deal to most, but to a girl from the country in southeast Oklahoma, that's a REALLY big deal!

I love being part of the DB Congress because I feel like I'm more in touch of what's going on in Dierks' career. I admire his honesty and respect his family values! I've seen and heard a lot of celebrities 'state their view' on different values & morals, but not very many actually live by them! I can tell, Dierks lives by his values. Just another reason why I truly adore him! Family is everything! I guess that's why "My Last Name" makes me cry every time!

I really hope one day my husband & I will be able to actually meet Dierks! But until then, I will keep jammin' and claiming "Its' a Dierks Day!" and keep on lovin' me some Dierks--Okie-style! Can't wait for the next CD release!

Thanks again DB Congress for listing me on your website as a rep from Oklahoma! I promise to ALWAYS promote Dierks Bentley and keep his music alive!

~Shelley Pryor~
SKPryor/DBC Member-OK Rep

*Thanks Shelley for letting us get to know you, and you're welcome! 

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