Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iraq War Veteran Comes a Little Closer to His Wife

DB performs at Rimrock Auto Arena in MT

Dierks' shows hold special meaning for so many fans, but for a couple in Montana, one particular DB song created a night they won't soon forget.

During his second tour in Iraq, there was only one thing that got Ryan Smith through the loneliness of being away from his wife and son- music.
"It's the only thing that got me through a lot of long, long nights" Smith, 32, said.
On Saturday night, Smith and his wife, Heather, 31, were able to listen to the artist he listened to most- Dierks Bentley- in the flesh at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark.  Bentley is one of the headliners for MontanaFair.
His song, "Come a Little Closer" is also the Smith's song.  After coming home last year, the Smith's have been looking forward to dancing to it together, and not they could do it live.
"If it wasn't for my wife and son, I'd be over there right now," Smith said.  "I was born a soldier. But I got through with all my arms and legs and toes, which is good because we'll be dancing."

About 6,600 other fans also danced at that show.  To read the full review, Click Here.

It's true that Dierks may not know the impact he can have on a fan's life from up on stage, but it's nice for us as fans to hear a great story about how DB music can help someone through even the toughest of times.

Thank you, Ryan Smith, for your service.  And thank you, Dierks Bentley, for bringing us all together!

DB Congress Rep

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