Sunday, June 29, 2014

Riser Bird Game Grand Prize Winner: Experience 'Opportunity of a Lifetime'

In celebration of RISER's release in February, Dierks Bentley created an interactive game based around the thunderbird image that represents the project. 

“There are so many addicting games about birds right now, and we thought it would be funny to create our own RISER BIRD game,” laughed Bentley. “I’m all about finding interesting ways to get music out to the fans, and this is just supposed to be fun.”

While trying to conquer each level, gamers previewed the new music throughout the bird’s journey, shared high scores and entered to win the grand prize trip to attend a RISER TOUR rehearsal.

DB Congress California rep, Cameron Slatterbeck, was the randomly chosen winner of the Dierks Bentely RiserBird Challenge grand prize--a special Riser Tour Rehearsal experience in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Read his story below.

"I played the Riser Bird game for a few days and made sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter in order to be automatically entered into the contest. I was on the leaderboard on for a couple days before other people passed me up. I obviously didn't think much of my chances to win because after all, you never think something like this could actually happen to YOU. 

About a week later, I was at the NASCAR race at California Speedway, an annual tradition my friends and I have. Toward the end of the race I noticed I received a Twitter message from DIERKS BENTLEY! It read, 
"Hey Cameron! You have won the RISERBIRD Challenge! Before we announce can you confirm you can come to Nashville at the end of April?"
I was ECSTATIC...but still not completely sold.

I was put in contact with Kevin Grace at The Green Room PR thanks to you guys at DB Congress. After much back and forth due to available dates and working around Dierks' schedule, I was all set to go to Nashville! I was comped round trip airfare and two nights hotel, as well as the opportunity to experience a private rehearsal for Dierks' Riser Tour! 

I opted to stay an extra night in Nashville on my own dime so I could experience as much of the city as I could. Kevin picked me up from the airport on Sunday, May 4th and drove me to the hotel, pointing out many of the landmarks and fun places to go on the way. Luckily I have a close friend, Megan, who went to Belmont and still lives in the Nashville area. So for the majority of the trip, she was able to show me all around the town. We went to the Parthenon, toured the famed Ryman Auditorium, and went to many of the famous honkytonks and bars downtown on Broadway and in Mid Town. 

Tuesday was my last full day in Nashville. Kevin picked me up from the hotel and we drove out to a huge warehouse in East Nashville that Dierks apparently rented out for rehearsals. I was quickly introduced to Dierks and his manager, both of whom could not have been nicer. The only people present were the band, the crew, some of his representation and then some country music TV and radio folks. 

The stage was built as an exact replica as it was going to be on tour. It was incredible! He played his entire set as if he were playing in front of a sea of 20,000 people. One of the best moments was when he played "Drunk On A Plane" toward the end of his set, and the brand new video was playing on the massive "WAVE" screen behind him. Afterward Kevin told me I was the FIRST member of the general public to have viewed the "Drunk On A Plane" music video. That was pretty awesome! 

Afterward, I was able to talk to Dierks for a few minutes. We just shot the s#&* about what shows I've been to of his, and how we both could not wait for his latest RISER TOUR, which I told him I would see him a few different times when he makes it out to the west coast in July. Dierks was everything I expected and more. I have only met a handful of celebrities in my life, but I could not imagine there being someone more down to earth than Dierks is. 

I thanked him for the opportunity of a lifetime and I went on my way. My friend Megan dropped me off at the airport the next day, and I could not have been more bummed to leave. The city, the people, the was all an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back as soon as I can. Heck, I just might move there!"

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