Sunday, November 23, 2014

Celebrating Dierks Bentley's 39th Birthday in Huntington, West Virginia

If someone had told me ten years ago I would be celebrating Dierks Bentley's 39th birthday at my 60th Dierks show, I wouldn't have believed them.  But it happened on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at Big Sandy Arena in Huntington, West Virginia!

It only took three airports, two planes, and a DRT (Dierks Road Trip) buddy to drive six hours up the mountain, through tunnels and tolls to get there, and that's just one way!  But this was a special occasion and I've traveled 15 states to see Dierks big deal. Every mile a memory, right Sandra?

Every DRT is special, not just because of Dierks, but because of all the Dierks fans I've met and traveled with along this 10-year journey.  It's a unique bond of friendships that one man started and continues to hold together.

What other group of fans do you know who would huddle together in 30 degree weather 5 hours before a show to be first in line? Thanks, Gina and Justin for the hot...beverage, and heaters and blankets!

And it's not just Dierks that keeps us coming back.  He surrounds himself with the best of the best--from his tour manager team to the stage crew, lighting, sound, and talented band of brothers-- together they make him look and sound awesome every night on the Riser Tour stage and they are all so nice to the fans--especially the DB Congress.

Gina, Sandra, Kathy, Chris Reade (lighting), Ashley, 
Ronna after the show Front of  House (FOH)

Sandra's 'almost' selfie with Tim Sergent (steel guitar) and DBC

Opening with "5-1-5-0", Dierks and his band - Steve Misamore, Tim Sergent, Brian Layson, Dan Hochhalter, and Cassady Feasby, emerged from under the Riser stage to the roar of nearly 6,000 in the crowd.

Dierks continued his own party with a killer set list, telling the crowd, there was no place he'd rather be on his birthday.

On this night, we DB Congress reps were especially thankful for being chosen to be a part of the big birthday 'surprise' that Dierks knew nothing about.  During "Drunk On A Plane," confetti fell from the rafters, blow up 'Riser Air' planes flew threw the arena as we ran through the crowd, giving high fives and throwing out Mardi Gras beads. What a special experience!  DBTV coming soon, but in the meantime, thank Justin for the video!  Looks like D came over to our side a few times but we weren't there...we left our front row spot to pass out beads!

Anybody who's been to a DB show knows he rarely stands still long enough to capture a great shot, but I did manage to catch him 'peacocking!'

And a few other cool shots.

Dierks showing Tim he's been practicing the steel

Dierks pointing to lucky section #7

Brian Layson, Cassady Feasby, Tim Sergent, Dierks
in a fog from Up On The Ridge

The Meet and Greet before the show featured Dierks on acoustic guitar, with DB Congress getting to enter a different door than the other 100, and brought within 3 feet of the backdrop, while the others filed in behind us. Talk about up close and personal!  Mel told us to make sure to sing along, and in fact it was very awkward for him if we didn't.

When he got to the chorus for DOAP, we apparently didn't sing loud enough, so he said, "you can do better than that!" and started again.  Second time was better.

During my turn, I showed him my 60th poster and reminded him about last year in West Palm Beach, when he wrote 'Let's make it 100' on my 50th poster. So he wrote that again.  I didn't look at what he wrote until later, but I was the last one out and walking down the long hall, he was walking out the other way and called me back.  "I'm such an idiot," he said.  "Let me see that poster again...I know there's no D in your name, let me fix it." And he did.  No, D, you're NOT an idiot! Thank you for remembering!

On our way back to Charlotte, another group of DBC reps were headed to the next night's show in Roanoke, so we met for hugs and pics and exchanged stories at exit 14 on I-77!

Carrie, Steph, Ronna, Amy, Sandra (Photo Credit: Jennifer)

Hopefully, I will get another 10 shows in over the next 12 months and be celebrating his big "4-0" birthday for my 70th show!

Every mile a memory!

DB Congress Chair


  1. I love love love this!!!! Sounds like y'all had a blast!

  2. acoustic performance in Utica, & so far the only picture I have is of my fan club sticker (grrr!!!). Maybe I need to start traveling with you guys!